Quest:Real Treasure

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Real Treasure
Level 42
Type Solo
Starts with Larus Sharpshard
Starts at High Crag Camp
Start Region Misty Mountains
Map Ref [24.6S, 1.3W]
Ends with Heikki Goldwatcher
Ends at Hall of Kings
End Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.2W]
Quest Group Misty Mountains
Quest Chain Every Last Ingot
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'There's but one thing left to do, take the strongboxes to Heikki Goldwatcher in Thorin's Hall.

'I know it's a bit of a trek to go all the way there, but I think it's the proper thing to do. I wish I could do it myself, since it's my reputation that will be besmirched in Heikki's records if he's not happy, but I'm far too busy here to make such a journey.

'You'll find Heikki in Thorin's Hall in the Blue Mountains. Hopefully Hekki won't be too unhappy when you get there!'


You have recovered both strongboxes for Larus Sharpshard. Now but one task remains.

Objective 1

Heikki Goldwatcher is inside Thorin's Hall, located within the Blue Mountains

Larus Sharpshard has sent you to deliver the two strongboxes you helped reclaim to Heikki Goldwatcher.

Heikki Goldwatcher: 'Finally, word from Larus Sharpshard. What, what's this? you've brought the strongboxes? That fool, did he even read my note to him? I wanted the name of halmur Stoneshaper's father! I will make a note of this in my records!
'Wait, you met Halmur's descendant? Good, good! Did he tell you his father's name? Halmur? Oh, Vithurr was the first Halmur's father! Ah, very good! That is exactly what I wanted to know.
'I suppose I'll add the gold here to the treasury, although it really matters not to me. I honestly did not expect there to be any treasure left, after all these years. No, the name of Halmur Stoneshaper's father is really all I needed. Filling in the gap in the records is the real treasure!'