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Boilerplates are meant as guides for the Editor to be used as they create an article; supplying basic information and formatting for the page.
  • For the convenience of our Editors and to promote a uniform look and feel on LOTRO Wiki we have Create new <article-type> tools to be used. These tools cover the most common articles being added, and greatly simplify, standardize and speed-up the creation process.
  • These "Article Creation Tools" ask for the name of the article to be created. The tool then loads an appropriate standard Template into the Editing Space to be filled out by the Editor with information appropriate for that article. Here you complete the details for the Template, some fields are mandatory, others are optional, and some should be left as-is.
  • Completing that template will normally automatically insert your article into the appropriate Wiki-categories. (This feature is not complete in all templates.)
  • When the Create Article tool is first used, in addition to the contents of the Editing Space, it also displays a guide to the formatting of that page and indicates the kind of information appropriate to that article in the space above the Editing Space, serving as help-text and for easy copy/pasting. That information is NOT included as part of the article and is "lost" as soon as you click preview or save..
  • However, the corresponding Boilerplate duplicates that content included in the page AND the content displayed as a guide to formatting.
Thus you can open the corresponding Boilerplate (found on the Help page) in another tab or window of your browser for quick and easy reference while creating an article.
  • You can then use the Boilerplate to copy and paste appropriate sections into articles while editing.
The Create new <article-type> feature allows you to create pages without having to do most of this copy pasting yourself. From this feature you obtain the seed for a new article, a Boilerplate then provides additional sections with pre-determined formatting and the additional information desired.
  • As Boilerplates are quite generalized, copy and paste only those sections you need.
In short, Boilerplates provide:
  • An explanation of the parameters in the Template being used
  • An overview of the standard formatting for the entire page
  • Information sections with pre-determined formatting.
  • Often a boilerplate contains a clean-copy and a commented copy of what is preloaded onto new articles.
Boilerplates with corresponding "Create Article" Tools
Creature Kinship Quest
Deed Legacy Recipe
Effect Location Skill
Item NPC Title
Item Sets Player Character Trait
  • Definition: NPC -- Combat and non-combat NPCs (defeat-only is a Creature)
  • Definition: Creature -- Creatures and MOBs (never acting as NPC)