Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall

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The Maker's Hall
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Settlement: Thorin's Hall
Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall.jpg

Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall is a level down from the Hall of Kings, in the eastern wing of Thorin's Hall.

This hall is the first of two crafting centres in Thorin's Hall, the second being the the Forging Hall located past the Maker's Hall. By the foot of the stairs from the Hall of Kings is another entrance to the basement and the Thorin's Hall Inn. The Maker's Hall provides crafting facilities and also crafting and class trainers.


Workshop & Ovens



NPC Function
Dwarf.png Hatt Supplier
Dwarf.png Uffi Provisioner


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Morór Master of Apprentices
Dwarf.png Kyn Master of Crafting Guilds
Dwarf.png Smíthur Master Craftsman
Dwarf.png Gamall Novice Cook
Dwarf.png Nisti Novice Jeweller
Dwarf.png Dúsi Novice Scholar
Dwarf.png Sandar Novice Tailor
Dwarf.png Nagli Novice Woodworker

Class Trainers

NPC Function
HumanF.png Ivy Spokes Lore-master Trainer
Dwarf.png Borin Rune-keeper Trainer


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Egil Oldbeard Quest
Dwarf.png Scholar
Dwarf.png Townsperson



Introduction Quests Guild Introduction
Joining a guild requires Expert level
[1] Introduction to Cooking [1] Introduction: Cook's Guild
[1] Introduction to Farming
[1] Introduction to Forestry
[1] Introduction to Jewelcrafting [1] Introduction: Jeweller's Guild
[1] Introduction to Metalsmithy [1] Introduction: Metalsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Prospecting
[1] Introduction to Scholarship [1] Introduction: Scholar's Guild
[1] Introduction to Tailoring [1] Introduction: Tailor's Guild
[1] Introduction to Weaponsmithy [1] Introduction: Weaponsmith's Guild
[1] Introduction to Woodworking [1] Introduction: Woodworker's Guild
Following Quests
[1] Practice Makes Perfect



Map of the Maker's Hall