The Forges of Rivendell

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The Forges of Rivendell
Type: Craft faire
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: Rivendell Valley
Location: [28.5S, 6.2W]
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The Forges of Rivendell is a landmark within Rivendell Valley in The Trollshaws. [28.5S, 6.2W]

The Forges are located north-west of The Market of Rivendell, somewhat hidden behind a rock formation, rested along the banks of a small pond. This is one of four crafting areas in the valley and it provides a forge and a workbench. Here are also forge and relic-masters, a number of novice craft trainers, suppliers, and others. For a superior forge and expert craft trainers, see Imlad Gelair in the south-eastern part of the valley.

Once your character has recovered the last Silithar, this is the location where Hemeldir will reforge Aragorn's sword, the Andúril.







NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Calbeniel Notary [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Enefan Clerk of Kinships [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Grafinn Provisioner [28.6S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Raenfer Supplier [28.6S, 6.1W]
ElfF.png Faillanc Relic-master [28.5S, 6.2W]
Dwarf.png Snár Forge-master [28.5S, 6.2W]

Craft Trainers

NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Glavroliel Novice Jeweller [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Dringlinn Novice Metalsmith [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Miluidan Novice Tailor [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfF.png Galuoneth Novice Weaponsmith [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfF.png Mallasil Novice Woodworker [28.5S, 6.2W]


NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Dithalion Quest [28.6S, 6.1W]
ElfM.png Hemeldir Quest [28.5S, 6.2W]
ElfM.png Blacksmith
ElfF.png Townsperson


View of the famed forge The quaint pond by the forges An inaccessible elven structure by the forges

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