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Type: Hill-men Camp
Region: The North Downs
Area: Dol Dínen
Location: [16.8S, 35.9W]


Tûmat is a landmark within Dol Dínen in The North Downs. [16.8S, 35.9W] When you bring up your map, you will find it just above the W of the maps location name (North Downs) it is in the corner of the rocks bottom right of your map.

Deepest in the south-eastern corner of the North Downs, on a hilltop behind many guarded barricades, is this stronghold of the hillmen in service of Angmar. To reach this place warriors have to fight their way through the heavily guarded Hîsuk and through the guards who patrol the winding path up-hills south of that orc stronghold. Characters who enter Tûmat will suffer a debuff of Dread +4.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:





Tûmat lies hidden deep within the mountains of Dol Dínen. It is here that the Orkish commanders confer with their dark lords and receive the orders that will set them to march against the Free Peoples of Eriador. — Deed text


Another view from the back of Tûmat The entrance into the dark hillmen stronghold Passage from Hîsuk up to Tûmat A small command tent at the back of Tûmat