Ost Crithlanc

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Ost Crithlanc
Type: Ruined Fortress
Region: The North Downs
Area: Nan Amlug East
Location: [8.0S, 35.0W]
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Ost Crithlanc is a landmark within Nan Amlug East in The North Downs. [8.0S, 35.0W]

This large hillmen camp is located athwart the road into the area of Ram Dúath in Angmar. To the north of the road lies the upper levels of the camp and recently large groups of Hillmen have set up camp and storage among the old fortress ruins, fiercely protecting the stock and themselves. over the lower levels the hillmen have camps and there the poisonous plague-bearer stays. Travelling this road to Angmar is unwise, unless with a Fellowship; the area around the gates applies +4 Dread.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:


The Angmarim Statues



The following creatures are found within this area:


Ost Crithlanc had been one of the forwardmost outposts of the kingdom of Arthedain. Now it lies in ruins, home to evil Men out of Angmar. — Deed text

In the northeastern reaches of the North Downs, near the pass of Ram Dúath, lie the ruins of Ost Crithlanc, a fortress destroyed during the wars with Angmar and Rhudaur. Long these ruins lay undisturbed, but now Hillmen out of Angmar in service to the Iron Crown have begun to move the through Ram Dúath and encamp at there, mustering for Angmar’s assault against the Free Peoples of the North.
The once-empty ruins are now dotted with pavilions and campfires, and patrolled by enslaved servants and deadly archers. A great store of provisions, armour, and weapons is stockpiled there, overseen by skillful armourers. Unchecked, this army will march down upon the unsuspecting peoples of the North with a terrible fury. - (was lotro.com)
Guarding the pass from Ost Crithlanc into Angmar are two enormous statues carved into the likeness of a male and female Angmarim. This terrible visage and the perpetual gloom dominating the area are sure to cause great trepidation to any unwanted intruders wishing to enter the forbidding land north of the downs.


The hillman guarded passage into Angmar Hillman camp among the ruins of Ost Crithlanc One of several command tents set up by the hillmen Forge used by hillman armourers to craft equipment for their war effort The hill up to the main ruins of Ost Crithlanc