Mincham's Camp

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Mincham's Camp
Type: Camp
Region: North Downs
Area: Fields of Fornost
Location: [13.1S, 55.3W]
Mincham's Camp.jpg

Mincham's Camp is a landmark within the Fields of Fornost, in North Downs. [13.1S, 55.3W]

At some ruins south of the fields, just at the crossroads of the North-South Road and the Kingsfell road, a Ranger named Mincham has set up camp. He hosts an eccentric named Colbert the Mad, and the scholar Idhremmin. Both Colbert and Mincham keeps an eye on what is going on at the fields.

After being freed from the grasps of Olnathron, Idalene can also be found resting at the camp.


A small respite from the horrors that await in the Fields of Fornost


Epic quests


Epic quests


HumanM.png Colbert the Mad
HumanF.png Idalene
ElfM.png Idhremmin
Ranger.png Mincham