Minas Vrûn

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Minas Vrûn
Type: Ruins
Region: The North Downs
Area: Greenway
Location: [11.4S, 51.2W]
Minas Vrûn.jpg


Minas Vrûn is a landmark within Greenway in The North Downs. [11.4S, 51.2W]

East of Amon Raith and its stable the old ruins of Minas Wrûn lie bare, just by the Kingsfell road. This was once a large and strong city named Henneth Rhún, built with heavy stone walls. Yet today stands here one of the Founding Stones of Arthedain's Five Towns. Today only foul creatures defiles the crumbled stones.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:


The Founding Stone of Henneth Rhún




"The city of Minas Vrûn once lay to the south of Fornost, on the eastern side of the pass at Amon Raith. The Lord of the city fell beneath the blade of Amarthiel, champion of Angmar." — Deed
Following the fall of Ost Lagoros, the Witch King's forces made a steady push towards Fornost, however they could not pass onto the Fields while the city of Minas Vrun still stood. Being on a fairly large hill, several attacks failed and Arvedui believed Angmar could be held there. Unfortunately for the King, one of the reinforcement companies he sent happened to be made up of what would become Oathbreakers. They never went to Minas Vrûn, and instead rendezvoused with the Witch King. Knowing the foundations of the city, the gates were eventually thrown open from the inside. The Lord of Minas Vrûn made one final stand in his own hall and slew many Angmarim before being overwhelmed by Amarthiel herself.


A overgrown courtyard in Minas Vrûn The crumbling ruins of Minas Vrûn The large wall of Minas Vrûn along the road to Kingsfell

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