Little Delving

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Settlements-icon.png Little Delving
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Location: [32.0S, 76.5W]
Little Delving.jpg


Little Delving is a settlement located within The Delving Fields in The Shire. [32.0S, 76.5W]

This small village in the Westfarthing of the Shire is tucked up against a western ridge, northwest of Michel Delving. Surrounded by rocky cliffs, streams, and waterfalls Little Delving is one of many good fishing spots.

This is the village where a new Hobbit emerges in The Shire after the shaking experience with the introduction to the Middle-earth in Archet.





Town Center


NPC Function Coords
HobbitM.png Postman Newbuck Barter Exchange [31.8S, 76.7W]
HobbitM.png Alf Goodcliff Quest [31.8S, 76.7W]
HobbitM.png Mundo Sackville-Baggins Quest [31.8S, 76.8W]
HobbitM.png Wydo Boffin Quest [32.0S, 76.6W]
HobbitM.png Mithril Trader Vendor [31.8S, 76.7W]
Hobbit.png Bounder
Hobbit.png Hungry Hobbit
Hobbit.png Nosey Hobbit
Hobbit.png Townsperson


Although Little Delving is not referred to in the narrative text of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it does appear on a map of the Shire from Lord of the Rings in the form of a road that leads to the Northwest labeled "To Little Delving". — arda


Gate to Little Delving Quickpost of Little Delving The brook that flows through Little Delving Waterfall behind smials in Little Delving

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