Eastern Malenhad

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Areas-icon.png Eastern Malenhad
Region: Angmar
Landmark(s): Grishbalt
Mor Maudhúl
Rammas Deluon
Settlement(s): Gabilshathûr
Imlad Balchorth
Western Malenhad
Levels: Mainly 47 - 48
Resource tier: Master
Eastern Malenhad.jpg

Eastern Malenhad (Sindarin for Yellow-place) is an area within Angmar in the south-eastern region.

This is the eastern section of Malenhad, which just like its western counterpart is made up mostly of sulfuric marshlands and steam venting fumaroles. Something to distinguish this section of Malenhad, however, is the large sulfur lake, Duvuinen, that it encloses. Similarly to the western section of Malenhad many bog-lurkers, fiery worms and Dread Turtles are found here, but unlike the west, neekerbreekers and slugs make their home here as well. The bogs border the dark forest of Gorothlad to the east and through the orc encampment of Mor Maudhúl, Imlad Balchorth to the north.

This area is the first adventurers will encounter after summoning the willpower to pass through Rammas Deluon alive after conquering the spirit of a stronger Ancient Watching-stone. Until then the malice of the Watching-stones proves too overpowering and any attempt crossing the line of statues is fatal.

In the south is a Camp Site Fire and hidden further south beyond that is Gabilshathûr, a dwarven outpost that, until recently, managed to stay undiscovered by the forces of Angmar. It is there that some basic services are provided, such as a Stable-master, Milestone, Mailbox, Provisioner and other vendors. There is also a Tasks Bulletin Board and many dwarves in need of assistance for those looking to help combat the encroaching evil in the area.




The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Eastern Malenhad:


Mor Maudhúl

See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests




Rammas Deluon

The following creatures are found within this area:


Bodies of Water

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A view of the sulfuric bogs in Eastern Malenhad One of the many sulfur deposits in the area A brutish wagon sitting outside the passage to Gabilshathûr