Bruinen Source West

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Area.png Bruinen Source West
Region: The Misty Mountains
Landmark(s): Cirith Imladris
Frosthyle Pond
Iskeld's Lookout
Snárskrith Dell
Stonecaller's Circle
Settlement(s): Glóin's Camp
Bruinen Source East
Bruinen Source North
High Crag
Rivendell Valley - The Trollshaws
Levels: Mainly 39 - 45
Resource tier: Artisan
Bruinen Source West.jpg

Bruinen Source West is an area within The Misty Mountains in the western region.

Travellers coming from Rivendell Valley in The Trollshaws first set foot in Bruinen Source West, the only passage into The Misty Mountains. This area features the lower areas of alpine terrain, with snowy expanses as well as steep, icy mountain sides, but yet groves of spruce and clusters of hardy bushes. Mainly bears, lynxes, snow-beasts and snow-lurkers are prowling this area for prey.

Adventurers often search out the higher and colder Bruinen Source North, which has a similar wildlife and also large and vicious worms, roaming hill-men, and the well-known raid instance of Helegrod. To the east is High Crag, with a big game similar to this area, though the southern section becomes tougher. Finally, to the north-east is a passage at Whitcleft into Bruinen Source East, where high populations of goblins and wargs are found.

Adventurers quickly find their way to Glóin's Camp which will be a main hub for some time in the mountains. The old dwarf camp provides some minor services, such as a stable-master with a couple local rides, mailbox, milestone, a provisioner and healer, several quest givers, and a task board.


The following settlements can be found within this region:


There are several landmarks located around Bruinen Source West:


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The following creatures are found within this area:


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