Tâl Methedras

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Tâl Methedras
Region: Dunland
Dungeon(s): Prison-caves
Settlement(s): Tûr Morva
Pren Gwydh
Levels: Mainly 67-72
Resource tier: Westfold (T7)


Tâl Methedras is an area within Dunland in the north-east region. The name means Foot of the Last Peak in Sindarin. The Falcon-clan has established a village here, called Tûr Morva. This area is part of the Epic Quest line.

This area is instanced and can only be accessed during and after the quests shown below. The creatures and Dunlendings in the area change completely after completing the 'Escape From Isengard' quest.






The Snowman Village at the foot of Methedras.
The Village of the Falcon Clan, Tûr Morva at the foot of Methedras.
Servants of Gwyllion atop Methedras

Located outside the main gate: (i.e. outside the instance)


Boats trips to the far side of the Lake with a northen and southern route. The locations on the west side of the lake are:

Note: The boats are only available in the first visit (chapters 6 and 7 quests).




There are not many creatures in this area. All are located on the far side of the lake and are nominally "quest targets."

The following creatures are found within these borders:


  • Boats are available on the lake shore to fast travel from the eastern side of the lake by Tûr Morva to the western side and back. This helps when completing the quests requiring travel to the western area. After returning after completing the quest Escape from Isengard, the boats will no longer be present.
  • The resource nodes are not present until after completion of the quest stage Escape from Isengard. After returning there will now be both ore and log nodes in the area.


The Falcon Clan has thus far resisted the advances of Saruman and has attempted to warn the Brenin of the Algraig, in Lhanuch.


Dunland maps

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