Quest:Concerned by Hobbits

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Concerned by Hobbits
Level 68
Type Solo
Starts with Maelona
Starts at Tâl Methedras
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [74.6S, 8.6W]
Ends with Penrod
Ends at Tâl Methedras
End Region Dunland
Map Ref [74.2S, 8.1W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Race(s) Hobbit
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You are the first halfling I have ever seen, <name>. What strange times we live in!'

Maelona laughs nervously.

'I hope you do not think me rude to say so, but your appearance is most curious to my eyes and those of my fellows. We have seen dwarves, of course, but you are different even than that folk!

'Perhaps if you were to share stories of your people and your homeland with the more distrustful members of my clan, they would be put at ease, good halfling. I am speaking of Gwynna and Olwen, who expressed their concerns to me when you arrived. You will find them here in Tûr Morva.'


Maelona had never seen a hobbit before your arrival in Tûr Morva and wants you to share stories of your homeland with members of the Falcon-clan who are concerned by you.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Gwynna in Tûr Morva
  • Talk to Olwen in Tûr Morva

Gwynna and Olwen can be found in Tûr Morva.

Maelona told you that some of her fellows are distrustful of hobbits, having never seen one before, and you should tell them stories of your homeland.

Gwynna looks at you warily, his face a mask of curiosity and fear.
Gwynna: 'You are a...halfling? Why are you...why are you so small?'
He turns a bright shade of red, and you decide to defuse his embarrassment with tales of the Shire.
'<name>': Let me tell you about hobbits.
You explain that hobbits are a peace-loving people, fond of big dinners and comfort, and only rarely embark on adventures. You are careful to point out to Gwynna that though you are a rare exception, you are still a hobbit and have not forgotten your home and friends. 'Well, that is admirable,' he says, 'and is a trait the Falcon Clan holds in high regard.'
'<name>': Me too.
'<name>': Our Bounders keep the peace.
You explain to Gwynna how the safety of the Shire is ensured by the Bounders who walk the boundaries and keep the peace. Gwynna is not surprised to learn that you joined the Bounders and did quite a lot to keep the Shire safe. 'I can think of no ruffians to cause you trouble!' he says.
'<name>': Thank you!
'<name>': The mail always goes through!
As you describe to Gwynna the state of the Quick Post service in the Shire, your feet ache with the memory of running those mail satchels from village to village. Gwynna is especially surprised by your account of the numerous nosey hobbits you found it necessary to avoid. 'They just came right up and bothered you? Did they not realize your honour was at stake?' he asks. You respond that they just wanted to know the news.
'<name>': No harm there.
'<name>': Other hobbits have come this way.
You tell Gwynna the tale of Gerebert Took, who had an unfortunate habit of sneaking onto waggons, one of which journeyed a very long way into these southern lands. Gwynna looks thoughtful when you speak of the robed man Gerebert described to you. 'I think that man may have been Saruman!' he exclaims, and you say that seems possible.
'<name>': I think so.
'<name>': Hobbits can get up to mischief.
There are many examples of hobbit mischief-making, but you decide to share with Gwynna the story of how Isembard and Imbert, wanting to play a trick on Adelard Took, hid the chapter he wrote for the Yearbook of Tuckborough in a tree. When they went to retrieve it, the branch broke and it was stuck up there! Gwynna smiles at that, but his chuckles turns to guffaws when you recount their efforts to knock the satchel out of the tree with stones. Isembard first disturbed a bee-hive, and once the bees were gone the fallen hive proved a lure for bears! 'It sounds as though they had everything in hand!' Gwynna says with a laugh, his fear of hobbits thoroughly gone.
'<name>': Maybe so!
Gwynna: Your homeland, this Shire, sounds most comfortable. Would that we were all so fortunate to live in such a place!

Olwen looks at you distrustfully.
Olwen: 'How do we know that you are what you say you are? A hobbit? I have not heard of hobbits before. How do we know that you are not in league with Saruman?'
You decide that Olwen might be more accepting if you tell her tales of the Shire.
'<name>': Let me tell you about the Shire.
You explain that the Shire is a green land far to the north, with rich farmland and beautiful rolling hills, where hobbits have made their home for years beyond memory. You describe the four farthings of the Shire, and Olwen seems particularly interested in the pipe-weed fields of the Southfarthing. 'Perhaps I will come visit there one day,' she says.
'<name>': Perhaps!
'<name>': The outside world can creep in.
You tell Olwen that despite the work of the Bounders, sometimes the outside world manages to sneak a toe inside the Shire without invitation. She seems very concerned by your account of the dwarf Olwir, who sought to capture a stone-troll in the Rushock Bog and gift it to his allies in the north. 'They would not have dared such a thing in this land,' she says, 'Lheu Brenin would not have allowed it!' Her exclamation brings to mind Mayor Whitfoot, and you wonder briefly what Lheu Brenin would make of Old Flourdumpling.
'<name>': Well...
'<name>': We hobbits certainly like our jokes.
You try to think up a good example of hobbit humour, and decide to tell the story of Fogo Fallohide, who dressed up in a black cloak at night and tried his very hardest to haunt Odovacar Bolger's farm by night. 'That can't have been very frightening,' she says carefully, and the two of you share a laugh.
'<name>': No, not really.
'<name>': Things are not always as they seem!
Olwen nods as you tell here that things are not always as they seem, especially not hobbits, who are made of sterner stuff than you might expect. You tell her about the time the Great Smials were haunted by the Ghost of the Old Took. 'Really?' she asks, quite alarmed. 'It was a real ghost?' 'No,' you respond, 'it was a squirrel.'
'<name>': Really!
'<name>': We always help out our neighbors.
You tell Olwen that hobbits are always quick to help out their neighbors, such as the time you went in search of Old Sally for Belco Brockhouse. 'Who is Old Sally?' Olwen asks, 'It sounds like a good name for a horse or a pony' You chuckle, and tell her that Old Sally was actually a pig, though she had the appetite of a horse.
'<name>': It's true.

Objective 2

Maelona is in Tûr Morva.

Maelona will want to speak with you once you have regaled Gwynna and Olwen with tales of your homeland.

Maelona: 'Thank you for speaking with Gwynna and Olwen, <name>. I know that your stories have helped show them that halflings are not a people to be feared.
'Penrod, the first Brehur of Lheu Brenin, was looking to speak with you. He is here in Tûr Morva.'

Objective 3

Penrod, the first Brehur of Lheu Brenin, is in Tûr Morva. He has been asking for you.

Maelona told you to speak with Penrod now that you have reassured her friends Gwynna and Olwen.

Penrod: 'Ah, <name>, the halfling! Very good. I have heard you were telling some of our people stories of your homeland. It sounds like it was a good home.
'My people had a good home once, but it was taken from us, long ago. Perhaps one day, we will have it again, but not as thralls to some Wizard. It is not worth that.'