Quest:Stronger Competition

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Stronger Competition
Level 68
Type Solo
Starts with Mair
Starts at Tûr Morva
Start Region Tâl Methedras
Map Ref [74.4S, 8.3W]
Ends with Mair
Ends at Tûr Morva
End Region Tâl Methedras
Map Ref [74.4S, 8.3W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'There may be value in the martial training that you can provide us, <name>. I want you to challenge some of our most experienced fighters, masters in the martial arts, so that they may learn from you the skills of the North.

'Look for Mostun, Gaenor, and Kenned in Tûr Morva and fight with each of them. They will learn your skills.'

Mair looks thoughtful for a moment.

'Actually, fight only Mostun and Gaenor. Kenned has not been seen for some days. I think he may be out on a hunt.'


Mair has asked you to challenge some of the Falcon-clan's best fighters for the purpose of training.

Objective 1

  • Find Mostun and challenge him to combat
  • Find Gaenor and challenge her to combat

Mostun and Gaenor are somewhere in the village of Tûr Morva, in Tâl Methedras.

Mair wants you to challenge two masters of the fighting arts in Tûr Morva, so that they may learn from your fighting skills.

Gaenor: 'What is there that you can show me that I have not already seen? Well, let us find out. Prepare yourself!'
  • Defeat Gaenor
Gaenor says, "Show me what you can do!"
Gaenor says, "A good battle! I have learned much. Thank you."
You have defeated Gaenor in combat
Mostun: 'Let us see what you can teach me about combat, <name>. I doubt there is anything in the North that we have not seen in Dunland.'
  • Defeat Mostun
Mostun says, "It is time!"
Mostun says, "Thank you for the training. It was very instructive!"
You have defeated Mostun in combat

Objective 2

Mair is by a large rock in the northern half of the village of Tûr Morva, in Tâl Methedras.

You have defeated both Mostun and Gaenor, and the pair have learned some of your fighting skills.

Mair: 'Thank you for sparring with Mostun and Gaenor, <name>. I have heard that they are both a-chatter with excitement about your northern fighting skills. They will refine those arts and perhaps become even more deadly than before.
'You have already become a great help to the Falcon-clan! Let Saruman tremble!'