The Slade of Shadows

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The Slade of Shadows
Type: Wood
Region: Dunland
Area: South Gravenwood
Location: [83.6S, 9.8W]


The Slade of Shadows is a landmark in the South Gravenwood in Dunland. [83.6S, 9.8W]

This grove is formed by three rune-carved trees surrounding a relic brought out of Dol Guldur when the White Council drove out the Necromancer. It also serves as a meeting place for several of the sorcerers of Dunland, the Tribunal of Shadows, among them Gwyllion, Old Woman of the Mountain.

Quest Involvement

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This slade of three rune-marked trees houses the Dutegelh, a relic of great power wrested from Dol Guldur when the White Council drove forth the Necromancer.