Quest:Instance: Escape from Isengard

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Instance: Escape from Isengard
Level 72
Type Solo
Starts with Baldgar
Starts at Dungeons
Start Region Isengard Depths
Map Ref [77.4S, 34.0E]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Reflecting Pool Dunland Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Escape from Isengard
"There is no sense in delaying this, <name>. It is time that we were free of this place. Speak with me when you are ready."


The time has come to carry out Baldgar's escape plan. If all goes well, you will soon be free of Isengard.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Baldgar and carry out the escape plan

Baldgar is in the dungeons below Isengard.

Baldgar : 'Here is what we need to do, <name>. The key-master is an Uruk-hai who carries a ring of keys that can open these cell doors. He tends to come down into the dungeons several times a day...or what passes for a day here in the lightless reaches.
'Look for him somewhere in the dungeon and see if you can catch him unaware. He is likely to be down the other wing of the dungeons. Climb the slope and turn right when you can. Once you have the keys, come back here and release me! We can then open the door for Acca, and we will make our way to the surface.
'The Uruk-hai must have seen you walking about Isengard. They may believe that you are bringing us to see Saruman, by order of the Wizard. They may let us pass.'
Baldgar says, "Go get those keys, <name>!"

Objective 2

The key-master is somewhere in the dungeons. Baldgar wants you to take him by surprise, and told you to climb the slope, turning right into the other wing of the dungeons when you have the opportunity.

Uruk Key-master: 'What are you doing down here? Fâsh didn't tell me you had any business here today.
'I don't like the smell of you. Get out of here!'
Uruk Key-master says, "You're done for, <race>!"
You defeat the Uruk-hai key-master and retrieve his keys!
Captive Dunlending says, "Hey! Friend! Over here!"

Objective 3

One of the Dunlending prisoners has tried to attract your attention.

Captive Dunlending: 'You have got the keys there, do you not? You must let us out! You cannot leave us to die here, friend! We can help you!'

Objective 4

You have recovered the keys from the Uruk-hai key-master.

Objective 5

You have freed Baldgar and Acca from their cells, and now Baldgar wants to speak with you.

Baldgar: 'This is not what I meant, <name>.'
  • Listen to Baldgar address the crowd
Baldgar says, "Listen to me, Men of Dunland."
Baldgar says, "There is no friendship between our peoples. We have warred and will again."
Baldgar says, "But, we need each other."
Baldgar says, "Today, we have a common foe."
Baldgar says, "Acca knows a way out of the Ring, but we will need your help to reach it."
Baldgar says, "Will you help us?"
Captive Dunlending says, "Aye!"
Captive Dunlending says, "Count on it!"
Captive Dunlending says, "We will!"
Baldgar says, "Good. Now, Acca. It is time."

Objective 6

Acca is ready to speak with you.

Acca: 'There is a gap in the wall between the buildings on the western side. Once the black powder does its work, you should be able to make it there in the confusion.
'But first we need to get to the surface. It will not be easy with so many of us.'

Objective 7

  • Listen to Acca and Baldgar discuss the plan, and follow them when they are finished talking

You, Baldgar, and Acca will go before the rest of the prisoners, running up the slope to the entrance to the dungeons.

Acca says, "We cannot all go together. It would attract too much attention."
Baldgar says, "Acca is right. <name> and he and I will go first."
Baldgar says, "Count several score before following us, then do so in groups of two or three."
Baldgar says, "Good luck to us all!"

Objective 8

  • Talk to Baldgar just inside the entrance to the dungeons

Baldgar wants to speak with you before you leave the dungeons.

Baldgar: 'We do not want to attract attention, <name>. We should walk slowly from here, so as not to attract undue attention.
'Let us go!'

Objective 9

  • Walk slowly through the large room with Baldgar and Acca so as not to attract attention

You need to walk slowly through the large, open room with Baldgar and Acca so as not to attract undue attention.

Objective 10

You have made it to the surface of Isengard. You are almost there!

Baldgar: 'We are almost out! Now we just need to light the black powder <name> set up ahead of time, and we will have all the chaos we need to make it to the other side of the Ring...and freedom!'
Baldgar says, "Now we just need a bit of flame, and we can set off the black powder for our distraction."
  • Say farewell to Acca
Acca says, "Let me do it."
Acca says, "Both of you have homes beyond the Ring. But this is my home."
Acca says, "There is nowhere I want to go. I will light the powder."
Baldgar says, "You are sure?"

Objective 11

Acca has volunteered to light the black powder to provide you with the distraction which you need to escape.

Acca: 'I am ready for what comes, <name>. I will set the black powder aflame, and it will draw all of Isengard to this side of the Ring.
'When that happens, the western side should be empty, and you will be able to slip through the gap in the Ring-wall.
'Farewell, <name>. May you live past tonight and help put an end to my master's evil.'

Objective 12

  • Wait with Baldgar for Acca's signal: an enormous blast of flame and smoke

Acca has gone to light the black powder, and you should hide with Baldgar until you see the signal: a giant plume of smoke and flame!

Acca says, "Wait for my signal! And farewell!"
Baldgar says, "This way, <name>. Let us find a place to hide while we wait."
Baldgar says, "Once we get out of here, I need to find Théodred, the prince of Rohan."
Baldgar says, "All his attention was focused on the movements of the Dunlending clans."
Baldgar says, "We had no idea things were this bad within Isengard."
Baldgar says, "Where will you go?"
Baldgar says, "I will help you rescue your friends from the Falcon-clan, once I have given my message to Théodred."

Objective 13

You are hiding with Baldgar, still awaiting Acca's signal.

Baldgar: 'You have my word: I will help you to save your ranger friends from their captivity at the hands of the Falcon-clan. I am sorry that we can do nothing for the Ranger that was sent here with you. Lothrandir, he was called?
'If Lothrandir lives still, Saruman has kept him very close. We cannot hope to gain entrance to Orthanc.
'What is taking Acca so long?'
Baldgar says, "What is taking Acca so long? I think something has happened."
  • Follow Baldgar and investigate what happened to Acca's signal
Baldgar says, "Oh no!"
Morflak says, "There's been a commotion below, <name>. Some of the captives got loose."
Morflak says, "All of my boys ran to see what was going on, but I smelled a rat."
Morflak says, "And who should I see sneaking around the war-machine? This old fool!"
Baldgar says, "<name>, this changes nothing! Do you understand me? It changes nothing!"
Baldgar says, "Keep him busy!"

Objective 14

Morflak has killed Acca, and now Baldgar wants you to keep Morflak busy so that he can light the black powder.

Morflak: 'You would be nothing without me, <name>. I gave you the run of Isengard. It was the fear of me that kept you from being thrown in the cells alongside these vermin.
'But now we will see. Oh, yes, we will see whose time it is to die. See how I repay treachery!'
  • Keep Morflak busy while Baldgar lights the black powder
Morflak says, "Die, worm!"
Fight Morflak until Baldgar can light the black powder
Morflak: 'What...what is that noise?'