Quest:Instance: The Rescue

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Instance: The Rescue
Level 72
Type Solo
Starts with Théodred
Starts at Tâl Methedras
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [76.5S, 9.9W]
Ends with Halbarad
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Reflecting Pool Dunland Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Rescue
"We will rescue your friends, and we will have vengeance upon the Falcon Clan. You have my word."


Théodred and some of his loyal men have come with you to the prison-caves behind Tûr Morva to try and rescue the Grey Company.

Objective 1

Théodred is a short way ahead in the prison-caves.

Théodred: 'None of your friends have been imprisoned in this room of cells. Lheu Brenin must be keeping them further ahead, away from the entrance.
'My men have gone on ahead. Join them at each room of cells and fight for the freedom of your friends! I will scout around for signs of our enemies.'
Théodred says, "Join my men further ahead, and fight for the freedom of your friends!"

Objective 2

Herestan and Hogawise are ready to fight the defenders at two rooms of cells within the prison-caves.

Herestan: 'You will pay for your treachery, honourless ones! To battle, <name>!
  • Fight alongside Herestan and defeat the Falcan-clan warriors!
Herestan says, "We have come to free you, Rangers of the North!"
You have freed a room of captives
Hogawise: 'Release your prisoners or die, low one! To battle!'
  • Fight alongside Hogawise and defeat the Falcon-clan warriors!
Hogawise says, "Taste freedom once again, friends of my friend <name>!"
You have freed a room of captives

Objective 3

  • Return to Théodred in the prison-caves

Théodred is in one of the tunnels of the prison-cave you passed through to reach the prisoners.

Théodred: 'That was good work, <name> but I fear it was only a start. More of your friends are being held below.'
  • Fight alongside Théodred further into the prison-caves
Théodred says, "More of your friends are deeper within. Let us go to them!"
Hebog-lûth Warrior says, "Die, Forgoil!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Théodred in the prison-caves

Théodred is within one of the rooms of cells within the prison-caves.

Théodred: 'Another room of Rangers to free! Let us give them their freedom, <name>.
Golodir says, "<name>! They took Halbarad and the sons of Elrond deeper into the cave!"
Golodir says, "You have to go after them!"
Théodred says, "<name>, you go on ahead. I will open these cells and follow after you."

Objective 5

Halbarad and the sons of Elronds are further within the prison-caves.

Halbarad: 'Penrod thought to bring us before Lheu Brenin. He did not choose men strong enough for the task.
'I am glad to see you, <name>! Let us go to see Lheu Brenin now, and on our own terms!'
Halbarad says, "We will go to Lheu Brenin now... on our terms."
  • Follow Halbarad and the sons of Elrond to the bridge

Objective 6

Lheu Brenin guards a bridge that leads deeper into the caves, but you cannot pass. Archers of the Falcon-clan make crossing impossible.

Lheu Brenin: 'You are full of surprises, <name>. I did not think that you would cross my path again in this life. How is it that you came to escape the clutches of Saruman?'
Lheu Brenin smiles mockingly at your silence.
'You were a fool to return here. You may may have freed some members of your company, but I have exacted my price from the Grey Company.'
Lheu Brenin says, "You will not soon forget Lheu Brenin and the Falcon Clan, I think."
  • Listen to Lheu Brenin's words
Lheu Brenin says, "How many of your number remain? Twenty? Thirty?"
Halbarad says, "Enough to see you pay for your treachery, Brenin!"
Lheu Brenin says, "Not today, I think."
Lheu Brenin says, "You will leave this cave, and you will leave my village."
Lheu Brenin says, "Wherever you go, you will tell the tale of how Lheu Brenin and the Falcons bested you."
Lheu Brenin says, "Run away, weak ones. You are beaten."
Lheu Brenin says, "These passages extend for miles under the mountains, and my people know them all."
Lheu Brenin says, "You cannot face us here, and you cannot pursue us. You can only retreat. You have lost."

Objective 7

  • Talk to Halbarad

Halbarad need to speak with you.

Halbarad: 'He is right, <name>. We cannot raise a hand against him in this position. They are too many, and we are too few.
'There may be another time, but this is not it.'
Halbarad: 'We can do nothing more from here. We must lick our wounds, bury our dead, and wait for another time.
'But I swear it: before this war is over, the Falcon-clan will taste our vengeance!'