Upper Barnavon

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Upper Barnavon
Type: Town
Region: Dunland
Area: Carreglyn
Location: [84.9S, 17.2W]


Barnavon is a settlement of the Uch-lûth (Ox-clan) who share occupancy with the Turch-lûth (Boar-clan) in Carreglyn in Dunland. [84.7S, 16.3W]

The Boar-clan (Turch-lûth) occupies "Lower Barnavon" while the Ox-clan (Uch-lûth), in the thrall of Saruman, occupies "Upper Barnavon." The occupants of Upper Barnavon are actively engaged in the suppression and enslavement of the Boar-clan.

See: Barnavon for details.