Quest:Tidings of Anirin

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Tidings of Anirin
Level 68
Type Solo
Starts with Seren
Starts at Tâl Methedras
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [74.7S, 8.3W]
Ends with Penrod
Ends at Tâl Methedras
End Region Dunland
Map Ref [74.2S, 8.1W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Race(s) Man
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'A moment, if you would, Duvodiad. You have come from the lands of the Algraig, from Lhanuch? Did you see a young man there named Anirin?'

You tell her that you did encounter such a man, rescuing him from peril in the depths of the cave called Lhaid Ogo.

'My son! My Anirin! Thank the spirits! Oh, <name>, you must give me any word of him you have.'

You tell her that he seemed to be doing fine and planned to return to Tûr Morva once he recovered from the experience.

'Thank you for these tidings! You must bring them to his beloved, to whom he is promised. Her name is Wenda, and her home is down the hill to the south.'


Seren is the mother of Anirin, the messenger you met in Enedwaith and rescued from Lhaid Ogo. She wants news of her son brought to those who love him.

Objective 1

Wenda's home is down the hill to the south of Seren, in Tûr Morva.

Seren wants you to bring news of her son Anirin to his beloved Wenda.

Seren: 'My son is promised to Wenda, who lives down the hill to the south. She will want to hear any news of him you can give her!'
Wenda: 'You have news of Anirin?'
You tell her about your encounter with Anirin in the depths of Lhaid Ogo, in Enedwaith, and she seems relieved to hear he plans to return soon.
'I told him not to go, but he could not be persuaded. Anirin is stubborn! He gets that from his mother.
'Thank you for saving my beloved, <name>. I am indebted to you, and when Anirin and I have married, our family will be indebted to you as well. It is our way.
'Return to Seren and thank her for sending you to me.'

Objective 2

Seren is in Tûr Morva.

You have given tidings of Anirin to his beloved, and Wenda now wants you to return to Seren with her thanks.

Wenda: 'Return to Seren and thank her for thinking of me. I will be glad when Anirin is safely returned, but any news of him makes my day brighter.'
Seren: 'Wenda is such a nice girl. She did not want Anirin to bring Lheu Brenin's message to the Algraig, but he saw the need and could not be dissuaded.
'Have you met Penrod, the Brenin's first Brehur? He is among the northern buildings of Tûr Morva. He was looking for you.'

Objective 3

Penrod is among the northern buildings in Tûr Morva.

Penrod wishes to speak with you.

Seren: 'Penrod wanted to speak with you. Look for him among the buildings to the north.'
Penrod: 'I saw you speaking with Anirin's family. It was a difficult decision for him to make, to be the bearer of Lheu Brenin's message north to the Algraig, but he knew its importance. He is swift; it is one of the reasons the Brenin tasked him with that journey. He will be back with his mother and with Wenda soon enough.'