Quest:Instance: The Will to Stand

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Instance: The Will to Stand
Level 68
Type Solo
Starts with Léolin
Starts at Gravenwood
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [77.8S, 10.3W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Reflecting Pool Dunland Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Will to Stand
"Word reached us even in Enedwaith that the Falcon Clan stood against Saruman. But will a common enemy serve to unite us as friends?"


The Grey Company has come to Tûr Morva, in Tâl Methedras, to meet with Lheu Brenin, the leader of the Falcon-clan.

Objective 1

Halbarad is on the path leading up to Tûr Morva.

Halbarad: 'Remain alert, <name>, but try not to offend them. This is their land, and passage south will be easier if we can count the Falcon-class amoung our allies. If half the stories they tell in Lhanuch about Lheu Brenin are true, we do not need him as an enemy.'

Objective 2

Léolin is on the path leading up to Tûr Morva.

Léolin: 'This way, please. I have sent word ahead to Lheu Brenin, and he is awaiting your arrival.'

Objective 3

Léolin is leading you up the hill to meet with Lheu Brenin in Tûr Morva.

Léolin says, "I will bring you to Lheu Brenin. Please follow me."
Halbarad says, "Stay alert."
Mair says, "Welcome to Tûr Morva, strangers from the north."
Mair says, "I am named Mair. I am the daughter of the Brenin."
Halbarad says, "We are honoured to meet you, Mair of the Falcon-clan."
Mair says, "Who threw that stone?"

Objective 4

Saeradan has been hit by a stone thrown by a Dunlending. You should check to make sure that he is all right.

Saeradan: 'It is nothing, <name>. The stone only grazed me. I am fine.'
Saeradan says, "I am all right. It's fine."

Objective 5

Mair is not pleased at whoever threw the rock at Saeradan.

Mair: 'I will find out who threw that stone, and they will pay for it. You are the guests of my father, and you are under his protection while you are in our village!
'It is an affront to my father, it is an affront to me, and it is an affront to the Hebog-lûth.'
Mair says, "If I find out who threw that stone, he will never throw another!"
Léolin says, "This way."

Objective 6

  • Follow Léolin through the village

Léolin is leading you through Tûr Morva to meet with Lheu Brenin, the leader of the Falcon-clan.

Objective 7

Lheu Brenin's first Brehur, Penrod, is ready to speak with you.

Penrod: 'Welcome to Tûr Morva, travellers from the north! It is the hope of Lheu Brenin that you share our desire for peace. Can there be friendship between our people?'
Penrod says, "I will bring you to Lheu Brenin."
Lheu Brenin says, "There is no need, Penrod. I am here."

Objective 8

You have come into Tûr Morva to meet with Lheu Brenin, leader of the Falcon-clan.

Penrod says, "I will bring you to Lheu Brenin."
Lheu Brenin says, "There is no need, Penrod. I am here."
Lheu Brenin says, "Men of the North! You must have spoken with Glynn Brenin of Lhanuch."
Lheu Brenin says, "He received my message? I knew I could trust the boy Anirin to make good speed."
Halbarad says, "Both counts are true. Anirin fulfilled his duty, and Glynn Brenin's resolve was strengthened."
Halbarad says, "I am Halbarad, and this is <name>. These others are my kin."
Halbarad says, "We seek the fast road south, but it must pass by Isengard."
Lheu Brenin says, "That road is not safe for enemies of the Wizard. He is not fond of the Falcon-clan or our friends."
Halbarad says, "It seems your feelings are not shared by all your people, Lheu Brenin."
Lheu Brenin says, "What do you mean? My people do as I do."
Mair says, "I found the villain, father! This is he who threw a stone at your honoured guests!"
Lheu Brenin says, "Is this true? Have you shamed me in this way?"
Tûr Morva Villager says, "These duvodiad do not belong here! Cast them out, Brenin! The Hebog-lûth needs them not!"
Lheu Brenin says, "That is not your decision to make, cur! They are under my protection."
Lheu Brenin says, "Penrod, bring my axe."
Penrod says, "My lord."
Lheu Brenin says, "Halbarad of the North, will you accept this man's life in satisfaction of my debt to you?"
Saeradan says, "I would not have this man slain, Halbarad."
Halbarad says, "My people do not wish to spill blood at our meeting, Lheu Brenin. We both have enemies enough."
Lheu Brenin says, "Very well. I will have him locked up in our dungeon until I decide what to do with him."
Lheu Brenin says, "Bring him there, my daughter."

Objective 9

  • Talk to Lheu Brenin

Lheu Brenin is waiting to speak with you.

Lheu Brenin: 'I am sorry your welcome to Tûr Morva was marred in this way, <name>. Saruman will never command the loyalty of the Falcon-clan, and the more he tries, the stronger my resolve will grow. I had thought my people stood with me in this, but it seems some are unwilling to respect my wishes.
'The Wizard sent an emissary to buy our loyalties with gold and silver. I had him locked in the dungeon. It will not be long before he sends another, but this one may have an army at his back. We can help you against Saruman, but first we need to prepare our own defences.'
  • Listen to Lheu Brenin's proposal
Lheu Brenin says, "Your people and mine may disagree on many things. The gulf between us may be great."
Lheu Brenin says, "But on this we must agree: the Wizard Saruman cares not for us."
Lheu Brenin says, "He cares not for Dunland. He looks down his nose at my people. He seeks to use us, then cast us aside."
Lheu Brenin says, "And I'll wager you distant northerners have not crossed his thoughts before."
Lheu Brenin says, "If you'll help us ready for war, I think we can bring Saruman down to our level."
Lheu Brenin says, "Help us ready for battle against the Wizard. We will remind him that the Falcon still has its talons."

Objective 10

  • Talk to Halbarad

Halbarad is waiting to speak with you.

Halbarad: 'We will help make their preparations, <name>. Our aims do not lie up perfectly with those of the people of Dunland, but we do share a common enemy. Let Saruman be distracted by the Falcon-clan while we make our way through the Gap of Rohan unobserved.'
Halbarad says, "We will help you ready for war with Saruman, Lheu Brenin. Tell us what we can do."
Lheu Brenin: 'Penrod will tell you what still needs to be done. I will show you to him.'