Rhona (Delving Barterer)

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This page is about the Delving Barterer in Esteldín. For the Hill-man refugee from Angmar, see Rhona


Image of Rhona
Gender Female
Race Man
Region North Downs
Settlement Esteldín
Interior Esteldín Skirmish Camp
Map Ref [9.5S, 42.9W]

Rhona is the Delving Barterer found at the Skirmish Camps of Esteldín, Galtrev, the Camp of the Host, Dol Amroth, and Forlaw.

Previously, she was found at the Stonecrop Encampment just outside of Tharbad, where she once provided some of the regional missions of Cardolan.

Quest Involvement



"Been to the Black Grave? Are you looking to improve your jewellery?"