Woodcutter's Brotherhood

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Trestlebridge Gate (West), headquarters of the Woodcutter's Brotherhood

A group of villagers in Trestlebridge have formed the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood, with the goal of taking advantage of the Wildwood to benefit the folk of Bree-land and rebuild Trestlebridge to its former glory.


Woodcutter's Brotherhood is a reputation faction located in The Wildwood.

Location and Officials

The Woodcutter's Brotherhood is a band of Trestlebridge residents that seek to rebuild and fortify the town by utilizing the resources of the Wildwood. Their base of operations is at the gate leading into the Wildwood, in the western part of Trestlebridge [17.7S, 54.4W].

Other notable members

Gaining Reputation

General Quests

For a list of all quests by name and by location, see Wildwood: Woodcutter's Brotherhood Quests.

Reputation Barter Items

Right-click the items in your inventory.

Item Points
Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token-icon.png Woodcutter's Brotherhood Token 1000  


Reputation Ranks

Rank Reputation Cumulative Quest unlocks
Acquaintance 10,000 10,000 The Black Powder Plot
Wildwood Bulletin quests
Friend 20,000 30,000 A Murder in Trestlebridge
Bounty quests
Ally 25,000 55,000 The Market of Troubles
Kindred 30,000 85,000 Confrontation at Cotfast


See Quartermaster (Woodcutter's Brotherhood).