Tinnudir Keep

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Tinnudir Keep
Region: Evendim
Area: Parth Aduial
Settlement: Tinnudir
Location: Tinnudir (Keep)
Location: [12.0S, 68.0W]
Tinnudir Keep.jpg

Tinnudir Keep is a stronghold in Tinnudir. [12.0S, 68.0W]

The Exterior of Tinnudir Keep

At a well protected island in eastern Lake Evendim this decayed stronghold is still used by the Rangers of the North. Visitors may enter the impressive entrance, the main hall, and the staircases for the east and west wings.

Tinnudir Keep is also the settings for several quest instances that will give access to a number of otherwise closed premises of the keep.


During quest instances

Elrohir.png Laerdan
Ranger.png Tadan
Necromancer.png Mordrambor - Non-combat Enemy
RangerF.png Carchammadel
Ranger.png Colhamnir





It is not far-fetched to think that Galadriel and Celeborn have visited this location at some time during the first quarter of the Second Age: "(Galadriel) crossed Ered Lindon with Celeborn and came into Eriador. When they entered that region there were many Noldor in their following, together with Grey-elves and Green-elves; and for a while they dwelt in the country about Lake Nenuial (Evendim, north of the Shire)." — The Book of Unfinished Tales