The East Wall

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Areas-icon.png The East Wall
Region: East Rohan
Dungeon(s): The Under-wall
Landmark(s): Mansig's Encampment
Parth Galen
The Argonath
Amon Hen
Dead Orc Glade
The Under-wall
The Wold
Levels: Mainly 76 - 77
Resource tier: Eastemnet - T8
The East Wall.jpg

The East Wall is an area within the East Rohan region in Rohan. It follows the gorge of the Anduin River from above the Argonath at lake Nen Hithoel to the Falls of Rauros and is separated from the Wold, Norcrofts and Sutcrofts by step mountain slopes.



See: a list of all NPCs within the East Wall


Quest Sequencing - When entering Rohan via Volume 3: Book 7 Chapter 6: A Journey by Boat the Epic quest line interweaves with multiple "local" Quest Hubs. While not necessary to complete any of these "local" quests to follow the Epic line and to move on to obtain one's Warhorse, they do afford experience roughly equal to 1.5 levels if all are completed.

  • The East Wall is a content zone directly connected to the Epic story-line following book quests for characters who are between levels 75-76.
  • The zone is designed to be completed without using Mounted Combat.

East Wall: Epic Quest line

  1. [75] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 6: A Journey by Boat
  2. [76] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 7: Shadow of the Argonath
  3. [76] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 8: Reading the Signs
  4. [76] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 9: Three Hunters
  5. [76] Volume III, Book 7, Chapter 10: To the Wold!

"Local" quests in the East Wall by Quest Hub and NPC

NPC: Framric on the bank of the Anduin [49.9S, 47.5W], when following the Epic Quest Line or
NPC: Léomund at the north end of The East Wall [47.2S, 49.8W], when following the vector quest: To East Wall from Floodwend.

Mansig's Encampment (Quest Hub)

Dead Orc Glade (Quest Hub)

The Under-wall (Quest Hub)

Parth Galen (Quest Hub)


The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of The East Wall Topographic map of the East Wall

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The East Wall Artifacts

Maps of East Rohan

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