Quest:Chapter 6: A Journey by Boat

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Chapter 6: A Journey by Boat
Level 75
Type Solo
Starts with Corudan
Starts at Haldirith
Start Region Great River
Map Ref [21.4S, 63.4W]
Ends with Horn
Ends at The East Wall
End Region The East Wall
Map Ref [49.9S, 47.5W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 7
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We will still fit in the one boat... but it will not be comfortable. I do not think we should recruit any more companions, <name>, unless you fancy swimming alongside the boat!

'Are you ready to continue our journey?'


Your group of companions is ready to continue your journey down the Anduin.

Objective 1

Objective 1 description

Corudan: 'Let us go to the boat together. I want to have a good seat and a comfortable place to rest my arm as we paddle.
Complete the A Journey by Boat instance.

Objective 2

You have travelled with Corudan, Nona, and Horn to the Argonath, the Pillars of the Kings. Horn would like to speak with you.

Corudan: 'The Argonath, the Pillars of the Kings. I have seen them often, but even so they still capture the breath as they emerge from the mist, do they not?'
Nona: 'How may lives of Men did it take to fashion those great statues? I have never seen anything like it before!'
Horn: 'They are not my kings, but there is still something majestic about the twin statues of the Argonath. Many songs have been sung about the men in whose likenesses they are carved, and I know most of them by heart. I will not sing them now. There is too much we must do here.'