Uruk-hai Brute

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This page is about the Uruk-hai Brutes in the East Wall. For the Uruk-hai Brutes in Norcrofts, see Uruk-hai Brute (Norcrofts). For the Uruk-hai Brutes in Helm's Dike, see Uruk-hai Brute (Helm's Dike)
Uruk-hai Brute
Level: 76
Region: East Rohan
Area: The East Wall

Type: Signature
Genus: Orc-kind
Species: Uruk

Morale: 7,620
Power: 804
Advanced Stats


Uruk-hai Brutes are found in the session play instance during The Horn of Gondor in The East Wall. [56.7S, 49.7W]

Quest Involvement