Skirmish Camp

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Ost Guruth Skirmish Camp

In each Skirmish Camp scattered throughout Middle-earth, you will find:

Due to changes in the Legendary item system, this vendor is now obsolete and no longer appears in camps:

In each housing area, there is also a Skirmish Trainer and a Skirmish Bard available.


Name Region Settlement Coords
Bree Skirmish Camp Bree-land Bree [32.3S, 50.4W]
Brockenborings Skirmish Camp The Shire Brockenborings [26.9S, 68.2W]
Thorin's Hall Skirmish Camp Ered Luin Thorin's Gate [13.9S, 103.0W]
Rivendell Skirmish Camp Trollshaws Rivendell [30.1S, 6.3W]
Ost Guruth Skirmish Camp Lone-lands Ost Guruth [31.2S, 29.0W]
Esteldín Skirmish Camp North Downs Esteldín [9.4S, 43.0W]
Tinnudir Skirmish Camp Evendim Tinnudir [12.8S, 66.7W]
Aughaire Skirmish Camp Angmar Aughaire [0.2S, 39.1W]
Sûri-kylä Skirmish Camp Forochel Sûri-kylä [19.8N, 70.5W]
Gwingris Skirmish Camp Eregion Gwingris [40.5S, 15.7W]
Harndirion Skirmish Camp Enedwaith Harndirion [69.6S, 13.8W]
Twenty-first Hall Skirmish Camp Moria The Twenty-first Hall [6.1S, 105.1W]
Nimrodel Skirmish Camp Lothlórien Nimrodel [14.5S, 73.0W]
(pending) Mirkwood Ost Galadh [14.6S, 50.8W]
(pending) Dunland Galtrev [79.7S, 16.85W]
Skirmish Hall The Great River Stangard [26.4S, 63.2W]
(pending) East Rohan Snowbourn [59.8S, 62.7W]
Forlaw Skirmish Hall Wildermore Forlaw [38.6S, 61.1W]
Aldburg Skirmish Hall West Rohan Aldburg [68.8S, 64.2W]
Dol Amroth Armoury Western Gondor Dol Amroth [75.8S, 72.9W]
Training Ground Old Anórien Minas Tirith [64.1S, 18.3W]
(pending) The Wastes Camp of the Host [40.3S, 10.2W]
Lake-town Barracks Dale-lands Lake-town [17.0N, 27.2W]

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