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Level 20
Type Solo
Starts with Any Skirmish Captain
Starts at Skirmish Camp
Quest Group Skirmish
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We have a situation requiring urgent attention. Brigands and ruffians have used the distraction of the Enemy to take over Bree. The people are in dire need. We just received a note of this, and I can see confirmation of Bree as a target in the orders you obtained.

'You will want to meet with Second-watcher Heathstraw. He has set up a small camp just outside the south gate to monitor the situation. He will fill you in on the rest once you get there.

'Speak with me again, and I will show you to Second-watcher Heathstraw.'


Battles are beginning to break out all over Middle-earth. The courage and strength of those who have taken up the banner and fight are the only thing that will save the Free Peoples from destruction. Learn how you can aid those most in need during this time of war.

Objective 1

The Skirmish Captain asked you to aid Second-watcher Heathstraw in reclaiming Bree from bandits and brigands.

Skirmish Captain: 'You will be in good hands with Second-watcher Heathstraw. Listen well to what he has to say. One day, it may save your life.'

Objective 2

The Skirmish Captain asked you to aid Second-watcher Heathstraw in reclaiming Bree from bandits and brigands.

Skirmish Captain: 'Second-watcher Heathstraw had high praise for what you did in Bree and has requested that you return to help him finish the job.
'The townsfolk have all gathered within the Prancing Pony. The brigands are intending to attack. Without some sort of defence...well, it would be a slaughter.
'The time has come to set Bree free once again.'
When you press "Open Instance Finder", the instance finder panel will open with "Defence of The Prancing Pony" skirmish selected. Press "Launch Now" to start the skirmish.

Objective 3

Skirmish camps are at Bree's South Gate, Thorin's Hall, Esteldin, Nimrodel, the Twenty-first Hall, Ost Guruth, Rivendell, Michel Delving, Tinnudir, Suri Kyla, Aughaire and Gwingris.

Bree is safe and secure once more. Report your success back to a Skirmish Captain.

Skirmish Captain: 'You have done well, <name>. Bree is safe, and more importantly, the townsfolk alive. Not many could have managed to do both.
'The war has started, and I feel you will be more than a simple pawn in the events and battles to come. Scattered around Middle-earth are camps like this one. They are places where opportunities to fight and win skirmishes against the Enemy can be found, and gratitude and rewards for service can be earned.
'The Enemy does not rest, does not waver, does not stop in his quest to claim all of Middle-earth for his own. We must not stop fighting back. Welcome to the war, <name>.'