Magh Ashtu

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Settlements-icon.png Magh Ashtu
Region: The Plateau of Gorgoroth
Area: Talath Úrui
Location: [53.1S, 10.6E]
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The battlement of Magh Ashtu is a settlement located on the border between Talath Úrui and Dor Amarth on The Plateau of Gorgoroth in Mordor. [53.0S, 10.7E]


The following services can be found within the settlement of Magh Ashtu:


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Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
South Bree (Swift) Bree-land 115 Silver  Min Level: 90
Galtrev (Swift) Dunland 115 Silver  Min Level: 90
Agarnaith Ranger Camp (Swift) Agarnaith 122 Silver  Min Level: 90
Agarnaith Ranger Camp Agarnaith 85 Silver  Min Level: 90
Ruins of Dingarth (Swift) Dor Amarth 122 Silver  Min Level: 90
Ruins of Dingarth Dor Amarth 85 Silver  Min Level: 90
Udûn Foothold (Swift) Udûn 122 Silver  Min Level: 90
Udûn Foothold Udûn 85 Silver  Min Level: 90
The Twenty-first Hall (Swift) Moria 122 Silver  Min Level: 90
Old Anórien
Minas Tirith - Main Gate (Swift) Minas Tirith 122 Silver  Min Level: 90
Rohan - Westemnet
Aldburg (Swift) Eastfold 122 Silver  Min Level: 85
Western Gondor
Dol Amroth (Swift) Dol Amroth 122 Silver  Min Level: 90
Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Annâk-khurfu (War Room) (Swift) Elderslade 1 Silver 
Akrâz-zahar (Swift) Erebor 1 Silver 
Trestlebridge (West Alley) (Swift) North Downs 1 Silver 


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