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The High-enchanter is an Elf-smith. An apprentice of Narthavron, master smith of the Noldor. (See: Quest:The Ash of Gorgoroth)
High-enchanters are Vendors of Enchanted Gorgoroth Adamant crafting recipes and Flame of Ancalamír for turning Light of Eärendil gear into Motes of Enchantment.
They also barter Motes of Enchantment for incomparable and rare Armour and Cosmetics
No faction reputation is required.


The High-enchanter for the Conquest of Gorgoroth may be found in multiple locations:
And in Allegiance halls:


  • Note: Recipe purchases are limited to level 105 characters with the appropriate crafting skill and guild level.

 Conquest of Gorgoroth - Vendor Discount applies



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