Haudh Tarcil

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Haudh Tarcil
Type: Tomb
Region: Evendim
Area: Men Erain
Location: [17.1S, 66.0W]
Haudh Tarcil.jpg


Haudh Tarcil is a landmark within Men Erain in Evendim. [17.1S, 66.0W]

The tomb of Tarcil is found under the steep hillside east of the road. It is located between Haudh Arantar and Haudh Tarondor, where his father and son are buried respectively. In its shelter tomb-robbers and kergrim are roaming, some have even kindled camp fires, but they have not breached into this tomb ... yet.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


The tomb of Tarcil, son of Arantar. Tarcil was the sixth king of Arnor and his reign lasted for about eighty years before the crown passed to his son, Tarondor. — Deed text


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Frontal viel of Haudh Tarcil Kergrim have taken up home in the ruins