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Frequently asked questions about participation in Lotro-Wiki

  • FIRST: If you plan to contribute you will need to register with the site.

Beginning Wiki Questions

Q - How can I help with Lotro-Wiki?
A: Visit our help section and make yourself comfortable. Start by reading Help: Editing
With any wiki, you can contribute as much or as little as you like and spend any amount of time here. We encourage you to get involved!

Q - How do I edit a wiki?
A: We have our own Manual of Style. Many useful and necessary editing articles are in the Help Editor sections of the Help page.
A good place to begin is: Help: Editing.

Q - Can I mess up or do something wrong?
A: Virtually everything that is done on a Wiki is reversible. If you make a mistake visit the article's history tab and click on "undo/rollback" next to your edit. If you experience problems or are afraid of making things worse then feel free to ask an Administrator for help.
Post your questions on the discussion page: Help talk:Contents

Q - Are there restrictions about where I get my information?
A: Yes. All significant information should be obtained from within the game or other official sources (such as Getting information from other sources is permitted if the information is verifiable, not copyrighted (unless express permission is given), and referenced in the article it is used by.
See: Technique: How to create Citations

Q - What if I only want to help with "Crafting/Quests/NPCs/Monster Play"?
A: If you are only interested in helping with certain aspects of Lotro-Wiki then check out our Projects. You can choose whatever project(s) you would like to contribute to and add some comments to the respective talk page.

Q - Are there guidelines for creating and editing articles?
A: We have our own Manual of Style.
Our goal is for articles that reflect a sense of unity and coordination between all our editors. We would appreciate everyone's cooperation in upholding these guidelines and making this wiki shine!
Many useful and necessary editing articles are in the Help Editor sections of the Help page.
A good place to begin is: Help: Editing.

Q - What are the Discussion/Talk pages?
A: The talk pages are where significant changes to the article should be discussed before being put into action. To access the Discussion page click on the discussion tab of the article you wish to talk about.
  • Respond to a message by adding your message below the previous one with one additional indent. To indent type a colon before your text.
  • A new topic requires a new headline at the bottom of the page. Use the "Add new Topic" button at the top of the page.
  • Always sign your comments at the end by adding -- ~~~~.

Q - Do I get credit for my contributions here?
A: On the whole your edits will show up in an articles history page. Your signature will show at the end of any comments and discussions you have on the discussion pages and in the forums. Additionally, you will be a part of a great community and will be recognized by the Administrators when they see all of your contributions. Keep in mind that you may not get credit if your work is used elsewhere due to the GNU Free Documentation License and your name will never be mentioned on the article itself. However, the greatest reward is knowing that people are making use of the information we provide!

Additional Information

For additional assistance please don't hesitate in contacting other editors/admins.