Goblin-town (Area)

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Region: Misty Mountains
Dungeon(s): Goblin-town Throne Room
Landmark(s): The Deep-fires
Den of the Northern Army
Gollum's Cave
Slave Pens
War Steadings
Northern High Pass
Levels: Mainly 45


Goblin-town is an area within the Misty Mountains, in the northeastern region.

This underground "kingdom of the goblins" is a sprawling labyrinth of caverns, tunnels, and deep pits which ultimately lead to the throne room of the latest goblin-king. Tales tell of a mysterious cave that even goblins avoid. Remnants of dwarven work reminds of ancient times. Booming drums rallying goblins for upcoming raids mingle with and faint cries from unfortunate prisoners and the constant chatter of upbeat goblins. Though recently Orcs set up camp, charged by Angmar to negotiate an alliance against the Free People.

Throughout the caverns a plentiful mix of goblins, wargs, cave-trolls, and Orcs fiercely defends their "kingdom". At every level of this three-dimensional maze, and behind every corner new threats await the brave adventurers who dare explore their home. Topping that are stealth goblin soldiers attacking from behind.

There are two entrances into the caverns: the "main gate" at the Mountain's Throat, and the "secret entrance" at the Black Crack. The "main gate" is very near Glóin's small camp with its Camp Site Fire and Mustering Horn. There Glóin and his two friends provide visitors with many quests and minor services. Nearest Stable-masters are found at Hrimbarg and Vindurhal which also has a Milestone. Useful information:


Goblin-town Throne Room
Slave Pens
Gollum's Cave
War Steadings




Aeglas - Quest
Glorwen - Quest
Combat & quests
Bauglám Fork-tongue
Guardian of the Jails
Oghûk the Hooligan


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests
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Starting at Slave Pens:




These deeds can be advanced by exploring Goblin-town:


The following creatures are found within the area:



Few know the full extent of the depths of Goblin-town, and those who have experienced them most likely died therein as slaves to cruel goblin-overseers. The goblins themselves may not know all the ways, for the deepest passages extend far into the heart of the Misty Mountains where dark and unseen terrors lie, and the goblins will not brave these passages unless driven or enraged. — Deed
Something stirs beneath the Northern High Pass. In grim tunnels deep beneath the snow, goblins toil and fires glow. The pits of Goblin-town teem once more with living foes.
Depopulated following the goblins’ defeat at the Battle of Five Armies – in which the hordes of Goblin-town sought vengeance for the death of their leader, the Great Goblin – the foul warrens beneath the High Pass did not remain empty for long. Goblins from throughout the mountains reclaimed Goblin-town and a new Great Goblin rose up to lead them. Rumour has it that the Great Goblin courts an allegiance with Angmar, which would give the Witch-king a deep and dangerous new stronghold within striking distance of Rivendell. In the dark tunnels of Goblin-town, where hostile creatures blinded by malice and fear follow the whims of the cruellest masters, a one-eyed goblin is king.
Ashûrz the Great Goblin rules Goblin-town in late 3018 T.A.. He is followed in rapid succession by Uloga, Mârubh, Brosh, Marbrog, Warlord Shárnakh (a hobgoblin from the north, and one who did not hold the title of Great Goblin), and Brogasht.



Annotated Map of Goblin-town

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Map of Gollum's Cave
Map of Gollum's Cave

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