Tyrn Fornech

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Areas-icon.png Tyrn Fornech
Region: Evendim
Landmark(s): Barad Rath
Cirith Rhîw
The Duskencleft
The Even-rills
Nan Orngon
Tham Habad
Tûm Fuin
Settlement(s): Ost Forod
Lake Evendim
Northern Emyn Uial
Parth Aduial
Taur Orthon - Forochel
Levels: Mainly 35 - 38
Resource tier: Expert
Tyrn Fornech.jpg

Tyrn Fornech is an area within Evendim in the north-eastern region.

This large area comprises the hilly area between Lake Evendim and the passage to Forochel as well as the mountain ridges toward The North Downs. The characteristics of the area are steep hillsides, deep forest valleys, a dense wildlife with mainly bears and wolves; all in all a great area for hunters but not a place for the unwary. Tomb-robbers are roaming and digging and have occasional small camps, goblins have set up camp in the far north, and finally gauredain have set up camp in the wondrous Even-rills.

The settlement of Ost Forod provides decent services, good crafting, and armament vendors for the levels 25 to 40. Quest givers hand out missions from bounties to riddles, from treasure hunting to gather-winter-stores type of quests, whereof only a few are meant for fellowships.


The following settlements are found within this area:


Ost Forod

These landmarks are located within Tyrn Fornech:


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See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests


Nan Orngon

The following creatures are found within these borders:


Tyrn Fornech is Sindarin and may mean "downs of the north-spine".


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Falls & rapids near the Even-rills The road through Tyrn Fornech into Forochel Snowy glade with a herd of moose on the Forochel border View of Lake Evendim from the Tyrn Fornech cliffs Beautiful meadow up in the highlands A view of the wilds of Tyrn Fornech