Townsfolk of the Eastfold

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Townsfolk of the Eastfold is a reputation faction located in the Eastfold Hills Homesteads. Characters must own a home in the Eastfold Hills Homesteads in order to accept quests to progress with this reputation faction.

Settling down in the Eastfold, it is time to make Rohan home.

Locations and officials

Gaining Reputation

General Quests

See Townsfolk of the Eastfold Reputation Quests

Reputation levels

Level Reputation Needed Total Reputation Benefits
Acquaintaince 4000 4000 Rohirric Wooden Cradle-icon.png Rohirric Wooden Cradle
Friend 4000 8000 Title: Citizen of the Eastfold
Ally 8000 16000 Carved Rohirric Horse Pole-icon.png Carved Rohirric Horse Pole
Kindred 10000 26000 Title: The Mighty Neighbourly

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