Talath Úrui

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Area.png Talath Úrui
Region: The Plateau of Gorgoroth
Landmark(s): Ashronk
Ash Watch
Court of Horror
Ledge of Dread
Ledge of Fear
Ledge of Terror
Strand of Fire
Settlement(s): Magh Ashtu
Levels: Mainly 112 - 113
Resource tier: T11 - Doomfold
Talath Úrui map.jpg


  • located south of Mount Doom, home to key fortresses, prisons, and military establishments.
Talath Úrui is an area in The Plateau of Gorgoroth within Mordor
Despite receiving most of the damage from Mt Doom's explosion, the southern half of Gorgoroth has only widened in dangers as it now features the Ghâshghurm, the sea of fire, that pours out from the broken cone of Orodruin. Strongholds and ruined keeps from Gondor's time line the hills of the Morgai and the barrier to Nurn, the Maegond Spur, while various additional staging posts scatter along the main roads. Many orcs still patrol the keeps to which they were assigned, with even greater enemies indulging in the flaming wastes.




Magh Ashtu
All quests in this section are repeatable with a two-minute cooldown until The Fushaum Resolution is completed, after which they become unavailable and non-repeatable copies of these quests becomes available. See below.
Enmity of Fushaum Bal South faction
At least Outsider standing
Neutral standing
Enmity of Fushaum Bal North faction
At least Outsider standing
Neutral standing
  • [112] The Fushaum Resolution - You don't need to currently have Neutral standing with both factions to complete this, reaching it once per faction is enough.
Fushaum Bal
After completing the quests above, non-repeatable copies of the previously repeatable quests become available. These quests only reward positive reputation.
Warning: Defeating enemies inside Fushaum Bal still decreases your reputation. Chapter 4.1: The Meeting of the Masters will require you to kill enemies that decrease your reputation.
Enmity of Fushaum Bal South faction
Enmity of Fushaum Bal North faction
Magh Ashtu

Watching Stone at [58.2S, 16.5E]

Watching Stone at [60.2S, 21.8E]


Dâr Mauzur


See Gorgoroth Deeds - Talath Úrui for an overview of all deeds that complete in Talath Úrui.


  • Flame-tongue Salamander
  • Mordor Salamander
  • Fire-Drake


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