Quest:Instance: Wood, Lake, Mountain, and Stone

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Instance: Wood, Lake, Mountain, and Stone
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Starts at Erebor
Start Region Erebor
Map Ref [71.6N, 12.4E]
Ends with Autocompletes
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 6
Reflecting Pool Strongholds of the North Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Wood, Lake, Mountain, and Stone
"This is Mazal Akrâz, the Chamber of Glory. My brother and my sons lie within. Let us go now to them."


You have come with Thorin's Company, his sister Dís, and Gandalf the Wizard to ensure the Arkenstone still remains entombed with Thorin Oakenshield within Mazal Akrâz, the Chamber of Glory.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Gandalf at the top of Mazal Akrâz

Gandalf is waiting to speak with you at the top of Mazal Akrâz, the Chamber of Glory.

Gandalf: 'It seemed appropriate for Dís to go on ahead and for the rest of us to follow along behind. Her brother Thorin and her sons Fíli and Kíli lie entombed within, and while our purpose here is one of importance, I do not wish to work any disrespect upon the fallen.
'I will meet you at the bottom, <name>. Keep watch upon your footing.'

Objective 2

  • Descend the steps in Mazal Akrâz and make your way to the tomb of Thorin Oakenshield

Gandalf agreed to meet you by the tomb of Thorin Oakenshield, at the bottom of Mazal Akrâz, the Chamber of Glory.

Dori: 'I have explored many of the dwarf-holds that stand still in Middle-earth, but few can compare to the grand chambers within and beneath the Lonely Mountain. Look about you at Mazal Akrâz, and know that its beauty and grandeur is deserved by those who rest within!'
Nori: 'The Battle of Five Armies claimed the lives of Thorin Oakenshield and his nephews Fíli and Kíli. All three of them fought bravely and well, and without their courage things that day might have gone differently. We owe them each a debt, even today, so many years later.'
Bombur: 'We must take a brief rest, and then we will be off again. Do not wait on my account, <name>! I will be along shortly. These steps are perilous for the young, but what can be done? Nothing. I show them as much patience as I am able, and I ask you to do the same.'
Bifur: 'I wanted to say something to you, <name>, but I have not seen an opportunity before now. I wish to thank you for the aid you supplied to my son Bósi during the expedition of the Iron Garrison to Khazad-dûm. It has ended in failure, to his grief and shame, but that does not eliminate the efforts you and other good-hearted folk supplied to him in their attempted conquest.
'I thank you on his behalf. We will not forget the Iron Garrison; neither will we forget those who fought alongside our dwarves in the darkness of that kingdom, though it remain lost.'
Bofur: 'Bifur and Bósi tell me you fought alongside my son when the Iron Garrison failed. I thank you for standing by him, <name>.'
Bofur stands silently for a moment, gazing away into the darkness of Mazal Akrâz.
'I had hoped he would live a long life, and when his days were spent at last he would be put to rest beside me and our kin in the Blue Mountains, but that is not to be. Instead he departs soonest, and lies now in a tomb even grander than this, for he rests in Khazad-dûm. Alas for Brogur, alas for my son! He was a finer dwarf than I, and had more to offer his people.'
Glóin: 'Thorin was my cousin. I hope he rests well, and still keeps the Arkenstone safe. He came to regret some of the words he spoke to Bilbo; in the end he repented of them and they parted in kindness. We all thought it right that the Heart of the Mountain be laid to rest with Thorin. The disagreements concerning its disposition came later.'
Dwalin: 'I and my retinue arrived during the Battle of Dale, and joined the fighting with great relish. This visit to the tomb of my cousin fills me with more worry than did the exertion of that battle. If the Heart of the Mountain does not lie within, what then will we do?
'Bah, we will soon know. We are near to the platform.'

Objective 3

  • Talk to Dís in Mazal Akrâz

Dís stands by the tomb of her brother and her sons, in Mazal Akrâz, the Chamber of Glory.

Dís: 'I am ready, <name>. Let us see what there is to see.'

Objective 4

  • Remain alert while Gandalf and the dwarves open the tomb

The dwarves of Thorin's Company, his sister Dís, and Gandalf have come to Mazal Akrâz to see if the Arkenstone remains within.

Bombur says, "Well? Is it there or isn't it?"
Gandalf says, "The Arkenstone remains with Thorin."
Dwalin says, "So that's it, then? We must be satisfied with our decline?"
Glóin says, "Surely not!"

Objective 5

Gandalf is by the tomb of Thorin Oakenshield, in Mazal Akrâz.

Gandalf: 'It eases my heart to know the Arkenstone remains with Thorin, but this means the decline of his people's craft-skill must have another cause. A wizard's guess is not the same as any other's, <name>, and it is the guess of this wizard that the loss of the dwarf-rings might be to blame for this decay. The ring Angya, called Handórm by the dwarves, was taken from Thráin by Sauron and must have perished in the fall of Barad-dûr.'

Objective 6

Relieved that the Arkenstone remains with Thorin, Gandalf wishes to say a few words to you and to the dwarves.

Nori says, "But if that is true the decline cannot be reversed!"
Dori says, "The decay cannot be prevented?"
Gandalf says, "Decline? Decay? These words need not sting you so deeply."
Dwalin says, "Bah. You are not a dwarf, you are a wizard."
Dwalin says, "You could not understand, Gandalf."
Dís says, "But I am a dwarf, Dwalin."
Dís says, "I say I have seen good days and I have seen bad."
Dís says, "A dwarf will persevere through the bad and bring about the good."
Bofur says, "Yes."
Glóin says, "No decline cannot be overcome."
Gandalf says, "Dís speaks wisely."
Gandalf says, "All things change, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse."
Gandalf says, "Nothing can stay the same forever."
Gandalf says, "Even the words we speak change with the passage of time."

Objective 7

  • Listen to Gandalf's lecture on the evolution of words

Relieved that the Arkenstone remains with Thorin, Gandalf wishes to say a few words to you and to the dwarves.

Gandalf says, "In the Old Tongue, the North-men called their town Dál-haim."
Gandalf says, "As the years passed, the name was shortened to Dálheim."
Gandalf says, "In time Dálheim became Dale-home, and more simply, Dale."
Glóin says, "Fascinating."
Gandalf says, "It truly is!"
Gandalf says, "Consider the last ruling lord of Dale-home, Geirjarn III, slain by Smaug."
Gandalf says, "The Elves interpreted the name Geirjarn as they heard it, and it became Girion."
Gandalf says, "Why, when I first came to these lands, I was not known as Gandalf."
Gandalf says, "The Men of the Lake, the Lag-thúda, called me Wandalb."
Gandalf says, "Over the years their language slowly changed, and Wandalb became Gandalf."
Gandalf says, "In fact..."
Bombur says, "Is the lecture done? Is it time to eat?"
Gandalf says, "<name>, I... I have had a thought."

Objective 8

Gandalf is by the tomb of Thorin Oakenshield, in Mazal Akrâz.

Gandalf: 'From Dál-haim came Dálheim, which passed then to Dale-home, and is now Dale. Geirjarn became Girion, whose necklace caused much trouble between Thranduil of the Wood and the dwarves of the Mountain. Of all my many names, that which I wear in the North was not the first; even that came from Wandalb, for Frumgar called me the Elf of the Wand, not knowing my true nature. Wood, Lake, Mountain, and Stone... each has their own words, and even when they speak of the same thing they may not find understanding.'
Gandalf looks at you closely, a curious look in his eye.
'<name>, what if the artifact for which we seek, this Bugdatish, never existed at all? Since this journey began neither friend nor foe have learned aught of it. No sign of this relic can be found. What if Ugrukhôr seeks an artifact that never was? Words can mean different things in different contexts, my friend, and even a small change can greatly affect a word's meaning. Can it be that Ugrukhôr does not look for that which we assumed?'

Objective 9

Gandalf is by the tomb of Thorin Oakenshield, in Mazal Akrâz.

Gandalf says, "In the Black Speech, the word Bugdatish is very clear."
Gandalf says, "It means 'name-keeper,' and brings to mind a relic or an artifact."
Gandalf says, "But what if there has been a mistake? What if the word was misheard?"
Gandalf says, "What if the word spoken was not Bugdatish, but was Bugdash instead?"
Glóin says, "What does that mean? Why does it matter?"
Gandalf says, "In the Black Speech, the word Bugdash means 'the name given at birth.'"
Gandalf says, "It may be that Ugrukhôr seeks no artifact. It may be he seeks his Bugdash, his true name."
Glóin says, "How will that help him?"
Gandalf says, "That remains to be seen, Master Dwarf."
Gandalf says, "If Ugrukhôr believes this knowledge can help him, it falls on us to learn why."
Gandalf says, "But let us now leave Thorin and his nephews in peace. We will discuss this above."
Dís: 'Thank you for suggesting this excursion, <name>. I enjoyed seeing my kin again, though they be gone these many years. You will always be welcome at Raven-hill whenever you wish to visit me.
'As for your wizard, he talks too much. Leave him behind when you come to visit.'