Quest:Fushaum Bal South: Khirgi’s Elite

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Fushaum Bal South: Khirgi's Elite
Level 112
Type Solo
Starts with Mâlatuk, the Hammer
Starts at Fushaum Bal South
Start Region Talath Úrui
Map Ref [56.7S, 14.2E]
Quest Group Mordor: Talath Úrui
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Elite warriors of Khirgi threaten our posts along the bridges dividing Fushaum. They are strong, but not invincible to fighters like yourself. We must kill these enemies who threaten our goals!'

Note: This quest is only available while the quest, The Fushaum Resolution, is underway.


The encampment of Fushaum Bal is a lawless home to evil men once under the command of Sauron.

Objective 1

Khirgi's loyal can be found in Fushaum Bal North.

You should defeat Khirgi's loyal while avoiding the guards.

Defeated Khirgi's loyal (4/4)

Objective 2

Mâlatuk can be found at Fushaum Bal South.

You should talk to Mâlatuk.

Mâlatuk, the Hammer: 'All gone you say?! Well done, you crafty <race>.'