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The entrance to Nurn from Talath Úrui - what lies beyond the portcullis?
To Nurn from the Plateau of Gorgoroth


The lowland regions of Mordor


Location: The eastern and southern regions of the land of Mordor.
Pronunciation: Something close to 'noorn'
Meaning: Perhaps 'Sad (Land)'

The name given to the southern regions of Mordor, more fertile than Gorgoroth in the north, in which the great inland Sea of Núrnen lay.

[note 1]

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  1. This interpretation is based on 'Sad Water' as a translation for the (presumably related) name Núrnen. Alternatively, there may be a connection with the root nu-, 'below, underneath', contrasting the lowlands of Nurn with the highland region of Gorgoroth.


  1. This description of Nurn is taken from the Official Lore Entry in the LOTRO Lorebook (no longer on-line).
  • Note that the area is currently (as of Update 23) not accessible in-game.