Quest:Fushaum Bal South: A Small Act of Kindness

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Fushaum Bal South: A Small Act of Kindness
Level 112
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Thâng, the Knife
Starts at Fushaum Bal South
Start Region Talath Úrui
Map Ref [56.7S, 14.2E]
Quest Group Mordor: Talath Úrui
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Not all those under our command have the same freedoms. The Nurnhoth are considered a lesser to the Haradrim. For that, they are given little. Still the Haradrim are not dogs. Those we look after are fed and clothed.

'Go and feed the Nurnhoth when you are able. They have not yet had their daily allotment of food.'

Note: This quest is only available while the quest, The Fushaum Resolution, is underway.


The encampment of Fushaum Bal is a lawless home to evil men once under the command of Sauron.

Objective 1

  • Collect stew from the cooking pot

The cooking pot can be found in Fushaum Bal South.

You should collect stew from the cooking pot.

Objective 2

Nurnhoth slaves can be found in Fushaum Bal South.

You should give some stew to the Nurnhoth.

Fed Nurnhoth (6/6)
Nurnhoth says, "Why do you work for these men?"
Nurnhoth says, "Well this is better than nothing."
Nurnhoth says, "Stew again?"
Nurnhoth says, "I need more food than this!"
Nurnhoth says, "I thank you for your kindness."
Nurnhoth says, "Many thanks."

Objective 3

Thâng can be found at Fushaum Bal South.

You should talk to Thâng.

Thâng, the Knife: 'You have given them what they need? Good.'