Quest:Rational Motives

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Rational Motives
Level 112
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Starts at Dâr Mauzur
Start Region Talath Úrui
Map Ref [54.4S, 10.9E]
Quest Group Mordor: Talath Úrui
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Many supplies and rations are still scattered in every corner of Dâr Mauzur. While some of the rations are vile Orkish foods, others were meant for the evil men under Sauron's command and may be more palatable. You decide to search for any rations that the men of Gondor might stomach.


Dâr Mauzur is sparsely populated with many who served under Ugrukhôr before the fall of Sauron.

Objective 1

  • Destroy supplies at Dâr Mauzur (0/12)
  • Collect rations at Dâr Mauzur (0/10)

Supplies and rations can be found at Dâr Mauzur.

You should destroy supplies and collect rations.

Rations "Some rations."
Supplies "Various Orkish supplies."

Objective 2

  • Bring the rations to Bregdal

Bregdal can be found on the border of Talath Úrui and Dor Amarth.

You should speak with Bregdal.

Bregdal: 'I thank you for these rations, <name>. I am looking at what you have brought here and it seems good taste is not to be paired with much of the food to be found in Mordor.'