Quest:Chapter 4.1: The Meeting of the Masters

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Chapter 4.1: The Meeting of the Masters
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Harthalín
Starts at Grishbalt
Start Region Agarnaith
Map Ref [52.9S, 27.8E]
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 4
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I will retain the samples we obtained from the swamp and test them with the athelas given to you by Mithrandir, and I will give to you another task. We need information, <name>.

'The creature that gave this message to the Ghâsh-hai I slew was named Dolgrist, and the words were on behalf of Borangos, of whom we have learned little. I propose that Lhaereth has requested the Masters of Mordor to attend her in Seregost, and they have sent their responses to her in the hands of runners such as the one I killed. Other responses must be on their way to her, and we must learn of their disposition.

'Defeat Orcs and evil Men of every variety near the following sites, and you may intercept communications intended for Lhaereth. I suggest the Spire of Lûghash, the settlement of Fushaum Bal, near the tower of Cirith Ungol, and the camp outside Naerband. Good hunting to you, <name>!'


Harthalín's quick bow-string has slain an Orc carrying word of a meeting of the Masters of Mordor, and she thinks it important to learn more.

Objective 1

  • Intercept a message near the Spire of Lûghash
  • Intercept a message near Fushaum Bal
  • Intercept a message from Orodir, the camp outside Naerband
  • Intercept a message near the Tower of Cirith Ungol


  • All intercepted messages can be read from your inventory

Orcs and evil Men of every variety near the Spire of Lûghash, the settlement of Fushaum Bal, the tower of Cirith Ungol, and the camp outside Naerband may carry messages from their masters to Lhaereth the Stained.

You have found the acceptance from Dulgabêth
Acceptance from Dulgabêth:
Lhaereth, Mistress of Agarnaith,
I have heard thine offer and think it most compelling. I know that thy love was for the Lord Sauron, but he did not return it in kind. I will not make that mistake. Together our enemies will fall before us, and we will sit upon twin thrones and rule Mordor forever. We will marry, and let that be a union to make our enemies quake!
But to thy second suggestion... I must decline. Seregost is not a suitable location. May I suggest the bones of Barad-dûr instead? That would be a place most fitting for us two to ascend to the rule of Mordor.
Dulgabêth, Lord of Mordor and Heir of Sauron

You have found the acceptance from Ugrukhôr
Acceptance from Ugrukhôr:
Lhaereth the Stained, Lady of Blight
I hear your call, but I do not trust it. I am afraid of no man or beast, but I know better than to pass beyond the walls of Seregost. I will attend the meeting you have called, but not in your own fortress. Let the Masters meet in Durthang, my own stronghold, and I will set aside my distaste for you and your kind and will hear what you have to say.
Ugrukhôr, Captain of the Pit and Lord of Durthang

You have found record of a sighting of Urudanî
Sighting of Urudanî:
My lord,
I am writing once again, as you requested, to report that the walking flame was seen once again near Naerband. None know why she goes where she does, or if she is doing the Horror's business when she is given to this wandering, but I will keep watching.
She makes me uneasy. She looked right at me, though she was some distance away, and I felt a burning in my head.
(The message is not signed, but it is covered in blood. The Ghâsh-hai from whom you took the message must have wrested it from the original bearer in combat.)

You have found orders for Róglarg
Orders for Róglarg:
Róglarg, Captain of Cirith Ungol,
Listen to me, worm. Unless you want to be given to the thing that stalks the tunnels beneath your command, you will maintain your position in the Tower. I want Cirith Ungol defensible in the event Dulgabêth gets the upper hand. He seeks to ally with the Lady of Blight, and if that comes to pass I will need Durthang and Cirith Ungol made ready.
I think he has signed the order for his own death, but if I am wrong I want to know Udûn and Lhingris are secure.
Ugrukhôr, Captain of the Pit and Lord of Mordor

Objective 2

  • Bring the intercepted messages to Harthalín by the eastward road in Agarnaith


  • All intercepted messages can be read from your inventory

Harthalín is by the eastward-running road in Agarnaith.

Harthalín: 'Very well done, my friend! These messages shed enough light on the situation for us to determine a course of action. Mordor is tumultuous enough that each of the Masters wishes to consolidate his power; they are willing to meet, but they do not wish to do so in any of their rivals' strongholds. I cannot blame them for this lack of trust! Indeed, it seems wise for each of them to exercise an abundance of caution!
'But they each want the ascendancy of Mordor. This meeting will happen. But where will they finally agree to meet?'