Quest:Instance: The Pit-fighter -- Day One

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Instance:The Pit-Fighter -- Day One
Level 112
Type Solo
Starts with Párgrub
Starts at Magh Hátur
Quest Chain Mordor: Talath Úrui
Reflecting Pool Gorgoroth Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

The Pit-fighter -- Day One
"The arena at Thorzhaf is home to a pit-fighting tournament, where the greatest warriors battle for fame and power."


Now that you have been entered in the pit-fighting tournament, you should show these Orcs what is what.

Objective 1

  • Enter the combat area

Enter the combat area.

Objective 2

Hear Gumog's words.

The Uruk, Gumog, starts to bellow to the crowd
What is the meaning of this?!
How did this filth get into our fight?!
Gar! No matter! We have all come today to see blood!
We have all come today to see death.
As with our arrangements, today's winner shall live to see another fight!
The losers shall be handed over, as an offering, to the ever-gracious Thraknûl.
Now then, let's get this fight started; shall we!
Before you is the one known as the Master Mangler!
Bring out the first opponent!

Objective 4

  • Defeat the first opponent
  • Do not leave the combat area!.

Defeat the first opponent.

The first opponent enters the arena!
Prepare yourself for Bûkra the Scratcher!
Bûkra the Scratcher says, "I'll scratch you to death, I will!"
Bûkra the Scratcher says, "Die! I slice you up!"
You have defeated Bûkra the Scratcher!

Objective 5

  • Defeat the second opponent
  • Do not leave the combat area!.

Defeat the second opponent.

The second opponent enters the arena!
Get ready for Gugru,The Gangly!
Gugru the Gangly says, "Gar, you fear what you can't defeat!"
Gugru the Gangly says, "You Filth! I'll show you! Curse your tricks!"
You have defeated Gugru the Gangly!

Objective 6

  • Defeat the third opponent
  • Do not leave the combat area!.

Defeat the third opponent.

The third opponent enters the arena!'
Now it is time to witness the torment that is Dhárpush the Foul!
Dhárpush the Foul says, "Do you smell something foul?! Better run!"
Dhárpush the Foul says, "I'll make slop out of you. You grub!"
Dhárpush the Foul says, "You ain't bested me!"
You have defeated Dhárpush the Foul!
The Master Mangler is the victor!

Objective 7

  • Talk to Párgrub

Talk to Párgrub

Párgrub: 'Err, great work defeating all those filthy snaga! Thought you wouldn't make it there, yes.
'Looks like they know you're <race> now, yes. No more fooling them.'
'Err, let us go and train for tomorrow, yes.'