Tâl Bruinen

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Areas-icon.png Tâl Bruinen
Region: The Trollshaws
Dungeon(s): Bar-e-Therchir
Landmark(s): Cirith Ulunn
Crumbled Cellar
Echad Gauradan
Eryn Singor
Forgotten Monument
Garbert's Cottage
Torech Ullug
Settlement(s): Echad Candelleth
Bruinen Gorges
High Moor
Glâd Ereg - Eregion
Levels: Mainly 38
Resource tier: Artisan
Tâl Bruinen.jpg

Tâl Bruinen is an area within The Trollshaws in the central southern region.

This area is located south of the Great East Road and Bruinen Gorges, and between the impenetrable mountain border to the South Trollshaws and continuing south of High Moor across the Bruinen river to the mountains that fence off the Giant Valley. Further to the south several paths reach Eregion, following the course of the Bruinen river, and south of Giant Valley.

Tâl Bruinen affords adventurers with a varied landscape of steep cliffs and hillsides, lush valleys, woody hills, colourful shores along the Bruinen river, and highlands to the east. Creatures in this area span from crawlers and deer to wolves and vicious, large worms. A tribe of Gauredain and wood-trolls occupy their own respective areas, while several bands of Angmarims can be found searching the various ruins.

By the river lies Echad Candelleth, an Elvish outpost where scouts charged by Elrond watch the surrounding areas for signs of the Enemy. Here Candelleth and her fellow scouts provide some minor services and tasks to keep visiting adventurers and explorers busy.


The following settlements are found within this area:


Echad Candelleth

These landmarks are located within Tâl Bruinen:



Cirith Ulunn

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ElfM.png Haradir
ElfF.png Idhreneth
ElfM.png Lavanthir
ElfM.png Muildir


Echad Gauradan

See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests



Eryn Singor
Garbert's Cottage

The following creatures are found within this area:


"South of Bruinen Gorges, following the path of the River Bruinen, is a relatively uninhabited stretch known as Tâl Bruinen. Long ago, this land teemed with small villages of hunters and fishermen, but troll-raids and other encroaching evil has turned Tâl Bruinen into a wasteland. Exploration of Tâl Bruinen uncovers bands of Orcs from Mordor, foul worms and toads, and the barbarous Gauredain of Echad Gauradan who once worshipped the Witch-king.
"Also located in Tâl Bruinen are the ruins of Echad Candelleth. After Strider brought Frodo and his Hobbit companions to Rivendell, Elrond sent many Elf-scouts and Rangers into the Trollshaws to search for agents of Mordor. One of the scouts was an Elf-woman named Candelleth, who established the outpost she named Echad Candelleth." - Heroe's Guide


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An aerial view of upper Tâl Bruinen from the Forgotten Monument Trees leaning over a cliffside path Path to Eregion with Gwingris in the distance An towering rock spire forming a natural island Angmarim men searching a small set of ruins in southern Tâl Bruinen A view of southwestern Tâl Bruinen with the passage to Eryn Singor in the back A fallen-tree bridge that provides passage to Eregion Waterfalls providing a tributary into the Bruinen river