Quest:Quick Preparations

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Quick Preparations
Level 38
Type Solo
Starts with Afanen
Starts at Garbert's Cottage
Start Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [38.3S, 14.5W]
Ends with Garbert
Ends at Garbert's Cottage
End Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [38.3S, 14.5W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain The Creeping Shadow
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Little Whelan is fine, but what if that monster comes back? Mayhaps chance was kind to us and brought us a great hunter? If you wish to help, you should speak to my husband Garbert.'


You tracked the creature which devoured the white hart to a fisherman's cottage along the river and warned the fisherman's wife of the lurking danger.

Objective 1

Garbert is at his cottage south of Echad Candelleth, at a fork in the river Bruinen.

Afanen told you to speak with her husband Garbert, if you are willing to help them drive off the creature and protect their infant son.

Garbert: 'That is the truth of it friend -- we cannot leave the house while that creature is still out there. I want it caught as much or more than you do, and I know Afanen feels the same, but I cannot risk leaving the cottage unguarded.
'Here is my suggestion, though: go to my nets and collect this morning's catch, bringt it to me, and I will help you set a trap for the creature. It seems the monster has a taste for fish! I have nets strung all over the waters that run through Tâl Bruinen.
'Not every net will be fortunate enough to have snared some fish. That is the lot of the fisherman, my friend, but find what you may.'

Objective 2

  • Collect fish from Garbert's nets (0/5)

Garbert's fishing nets are placed throughout the waters that flow through Tâl Bruinen.

Garbert has given you permission to check his nets for fish, but has cautioned you that not every net will have fish in it.

This net has not caught any fish today
Collected fish from Garbert's nets (5/5)

Objective 4

  • Bring fish to Garbert

Garbert is at his cottage south of Echad Candelleth, at a fork in the river Bruinen.

You have collected the day's catch for Garbert and should now return the fish to him.

Garbert: 'This should be enough, <name>. This creature will enjoy these fish, maybe, and then enjoy nothing ever again!

This quest is completed at this point and A Trap for the Creature is opened