Sandson's Farm

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Sandson's Farm
Type: Farmstead
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Location: [32.1S, 74.4W]
Sandson's Farm.jpg

Sandson's Farm is a landmark within the Delving Fields, in the Shire. [32.1S, 74.4W]

This is the home to Farmer Sandson, and his son Wald Sandson, as well as their many chickens. It is located on fertile soil at a cul-de-sac from Michel Delving, and just east of the trail from Michel Delving past Little Delving to Rushock Bog.

This location is the starter location for a fun chain of quests that make up Chicken Play, which lets you play around as a level 1 chicken (!!!) throughout Middle-Earth ... cook-a-doodle-doo!!! — Teasers: Cloak of the Cluck


Cloak of the Cluck


The Sky is Falling quest chain*

The Flying the Coop Quests *

* All instances are Session Play



HobbitM.png Farmer Sandson
HobbitM.png Wald Sandson
Chicken.png Billina
Chicken.png George
HobbitM.png Wymarc Grubb - Festival