Quest:Instance: Flying the Coop

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Instance: Flying the Coop
Level 1
Type Session Play
Starts with George
Starts at Sandson's Farm
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [32.0S, 74.5W]
Quest Group Shire
Quest Text


George feels that help must be found from beyond the Shire to defend against the invading wolves.

Objective 1

George is in the yard at Sandson's Farm.

You should speak with George.

George: 'I thank you for your bravery, my fellow rooster, but I fear that it may not have been enough to save many of us from a terrible fate. While you were away, I had time to think over the circumstances and consider our options. If we do nothing, our numbers will surely dwindle. A similar doom befell Dora Brownlock's coop, and I fear ours is not far off.
'I cannot leave the coop; I have too many responsibilities with half of the coop under my supervision. I will set this task upon you: travel out into the world, even beyond the borders of the Shire. Speak with other animals you encounter and see if you can find anyone willing to help us in our plight.
'You should begin by seeking out animals here in the Shire.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to creatures of the Shire

The fox is along the Stock road. Old Sally often wanders into the hills east of Tuckborough, east of Sandson's Farm. Fang, Grip, and Wolf patrol Bamfurlong, far to the east of Sandson's Farm and south along the Brandywine River.

George has asked you to speak with the creatures of the Shire. You should seek out and speak with the fox, Old Sally, Fang, Grip, and Wolf in the Shire.

George: 'You must speak with the other animals of the Shire! Evil is coming...I am sure of it!'
Old Sally: 'I'm a pig, you fool rooster! Can't you see I'm in enough trouble as it is, what with all these nasty shrews about? Sometimes I wish that I was a pony.'
Fox: 'Now what is this? First three hobbits sleeping in the forest, and now a chicken?
'You want me to help protect your coop from wolves? My friend, I would sooner eat you, particularly since chicken is very high among my dietary choices.
'However, seeing as you were brave enough to speak with me in the first place, I will forego my lunch for now.'
Wolf: 'Ho there, rooster! You aren't one of ours! What are you doing here? Trying to steal some of our hens for your coop?
'Wolves? We haven't any wolves around here, but if they show their shaggy faces at Bamfurlong, you can be sure we'll deal with them.'
Grip: 'Shooing off a few wolves is mighty tempting, but I've too much work to do here. Besides, what if the wolves come here?'
Fang: 'What do you want? Protect your coop against wolves? I have my own farm to protect and no time for others.
'My but you would make a nice snack. Be on your way, rooster.'