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Chicken Play allows you to experience the game from a very different perspective - that of a level 1 chicken; or to be precise, a rooster.


Chicken Play is accessed via a series of quests given by Wald Sandson at Sandson's Farm, in the Shire. Each quest (apart from Which Laid First) takes you into Chicken Play, with a generous time limitation. The chicken has an equivalent quest listed as level 1.
Your name will be ~Name, and you can only talk on chicken channels. There are no specific chicken emotes although all the usuals are available as text. A maximum of 50 people can be chickens at any one time. You may not talk to any of the standard NPCs - including stable-masters. Your map is new (mostly blank) on each session. All normally aggressive monsters are aggressive.

Chicken Play Guide

The former LOTRO Lorebook (Closed by Turbine in July of 2013) contained an article by LOTRO user: Lorr, which has been transcribed here:
This guide has a list of the Skills and Deeds associated with Chicken Play.
The guide also contains a walkthrough of the varoius quests and activities.



The Sky is Falling

  1. [6] Which Laid First?
  2. [6] The Early Bird
  3. [6] The Sky is Falling
  4. [6] Flying the Coop

This quest-chain is prerequisite for Flying the Coop Quests

Prerequisites: completed the quest-chain The Sky is Falling

Quests under bullet 1) and 3) may be done in any order. All instances are Session Play

  1. [6] Returning to Wald
[1] Chicken Run - April Fool's Day.


Credit for the Chicken Session Guide is given to Lorr (aka Nightwind).