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Areas-icon.png Länsi-mâ
Region: Forochel
Landmark(s): Barad Gaurhoth
Icereave Mines
Peikko Cave
4th Dwarf Channel
7th Dwarf Channel
10th Dwarf Channel
Settlement(s): Zigilgund
Levels: Mainly 46 - 50
Resource tier: Master

Länsi-mâ is an area within Forochel in the western region.

In Finnish Länsi-mâ means "West Land"; the letter â does not exist but it represents the double "a" which gives "maa" ("land") and "itä" means "west". This area lies between Itä-mâ and Talvi-mûri, and between the south-western shorelines of the Ice Bay of Forochel as well as one of the three contributories to river Lhûn that flows south past Ered Luin and beyond. Throughout the area are many elk, Gauredain, ice-bears, and mammoths, especially around the massive mammoth graveyard of Norsu-hauta. Norsu-leiri, like many of the smaller Lossoth outposts in Forochel, has been taken by the Gauredain. Should it be liberated, one could then find ways to improve their standing with the Lossoth. North of the dwarf fortress of Zigilgund, lie the only hot springs in Forochel. They would provide a pleasant respite from the frozen wastes if not for the infestation of frost worms which have taken to calling them home.

Historically this area was a prosperous mining center with many mines around the area, one of particular note being the Icereave Mines, but it was deserted long ago and only recently the Longbeards have taken the frost-bitten ruins of Zigilgund into use again. However, the Dourhands have also returned and settled down into the previously mentioned mines, where king Arvedui of Dúnadan hid long since with his men, escaping Fornost and Angmar's wrath.

Zigilgund is an outpost of dwarves, a Lossoth hunter, and a Burglar who has become separated from not only his belongings, but his supplies as well. Here travelers will find basic services such as a Stable-master, Milestone, Mailbox and a Forge. There is also a Healer and a Supplier & Provisioner, as well as many in need of help in retaking the surrounding lands.


The following settlements are found within this area:



These landmarks are located within Länsi-mâ:

Public Dungeons


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Barad Gaurhoth

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Icereave Mines

The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Forochel Topographic map of Forochel


Icy waterfalls within Länsi-mâ North of Zigilgund are worm infested hot springs Frozen carcass of a mammoth in the icy wastes The barren landscape of northern Länsi-mâ flowing into Talvi-mûri Large rocky formations dotting the otherwise barren Länsi-mâ