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Farmer, Forester, Prospector
Cook, Jeweller, Metalsmith,
Scholar, Tailor,
Weaponsmith, Woodworker
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"Simple adornments and objects of beauty are the heart of the jeweller's trade. However, exceptional adornments can go far to increasing the stature and confidence of an adventurer, and a skilled jeweller can produce true works of art."

Creation of a thing of beauty is an act of defiance against the forces of the Enemy. Jewellers can create rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that can be worn by player characters, tokens that ward off the effects of dread, talismans that enable a Lore-master to attract special pets, and Rune-stones weapons for the Rune-keeper. Some jewellers can also create decorative items for the home.

Associated Vocations: Tinker

A guide to attaining Jeweller Mastery.

Required Tools


A list of all component items that are used to craft Jeweller recipes: Jeweller Components

A Jeweller polishes rough gemstones and uses Precious Metal ingots (silver, gold, platinum, calenard, eorlingas) and Crafting Rare Components, not iron or tin, produced by the Prospector. The Tinker Vocation includes both professions. For some products, he must purchase additional crafting components from the Novice or Expert Jeweller vendor.

Tier Gemstone(s)
1 Agate-icon.png Agate
Amethyst-icon.png Amethyst
2 Bloodstone-icon.png Bloodstone
Opal-icon.png Opal
3 Ruby-icon.png Ruby
Sapphire-icon.png Sapphire
4 Adamant-icon.png Adamant
5 Beryl-icon.png Beryl
Moonstone-icon.png Moonstone
6 Aquamarine-icon.png Aquamarine
Dawn-rose-icon.png Dawn-rose
7 Green Garnet-icon.png Green Garnet
8 Red Agate-icon.png Red Agate
9 Emerald-icon.png Emerald
10 Zircon-icon.png Zircon
Dagorlad Onyx (Wastes)-icon.png Dagorlad Onyx
11 Black Adamant-icon.png Black Adamant
12 Dwarrowgleam-icon.png Dwarrowgleam

Critical Success

To critically succeed while crafting item, a Jeweller must have achieved proficiency in the crafting tier for that item. After gaining proficiency, the base chance to achieve critical success starts at 5%.

  • Using player-crafted Jeweller's Tools increases that base chance.
    • Click through to the tools index to view the percentage for any given tool.
  • Scrolls of crafting lore (produced by a Scholar) give a 1-minute buff, further increasing the chance of a critical success.
    • These scrolls provide tiered increases to the crit chance, but they are tiered by player level, not crafting level. Thus, a level 7 Supreme Master Jeweller can only use the Minor Jeweller Lore that gives a 1% crit chance increase, but a level 65 Master Apprentice Jeweller can use a Scroll of Supreme Jeweller Lore that gives a 12.5% increase.
  • Certain recipes have an optional ingredient, rock-salt; the type of rock-salt used is based on the crafting level of any given recipe, but using rock-salt in any level gives a flat (not tiered) increase of 45% to the crit chance.
Mastery Component Tier Level Recipes
Chunk of Grey Rock-salt-icon.png
Chunk of Grey Rock-salt Apprentice Most Tier 1 Recipes
Chunk of White Rock-salt-icon.png
Chunk of White Rock-salt Journeyman Most Tier 2 Recipes
Chunk of Clear Rock-salt-icon.png
Chunk of Clear Rock-salt Expert Most Tier 3 Recipes
Chunk of Yellow Rock-salt-icon.png
Chunk of Yellow Rock-salt Artisan Most Tier 4 Recipes
Chunk of Blue Rock-salt-icon.png
Chunk of Blue Rock-salt Master Most Tier 5 Recipes
Chunk of Pink Rock-salt-icon.png
Chunk of Pink Rock-salt Supreme Most Tier 6 Recipes
Bit of Pure Calenard Ore-icon.png
Bit of Pure Calenard Ore Westfold Most Tier 7 Recipes
Bit of Pure Riddermark Ore-icon.png
Bit of Pure Riddermark Ore Eastemnet Most Tier 8 Recipes
Bit of Pure Eorlingas Ore-icon.png
Bit of Pure Eorlingas Ore Westemnet Most Tier 9 Recipes
Bit of Pure Anórien Ore-icon.png
Bit of Pure Anórien Ore Anórien Most Tier 10 Recipes


A complete list of Jeweller recipe indexes by tier:
Jeweller Recipe Index
Apprentice Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T1 - Apprentice Jeweller Recipe Index
Journeyman Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T2 - Journeyman Jeweller Recipe Index
Expert Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T3 - Expert Jeweller Recipe Index
Artisan Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T4 - Artisan Jeweller Recipe Index
Master Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T5 - Master Jeweller Recipe Index
Supreme Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T6 - Supreme Jeweller Recipe Index
Westfold Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T7 - Westfold Jeweller Recipe Index
Eastemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T8 - Eastemnet Jeweller Recipe Index
Westemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T9 - Westemnet Jeweller Recipe Index
Westemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T10 - Anórien Jeweller Recipe Index
Westemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T11 - Doomfold Jeweller Recipe Index
Westemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T12 - Ironfold Jeweller Recipe Index
Westemnet Jeweller Recipe-icon.png T13 - Minas Ithil Jeweller Recipe Index

A complete list of Jeweller recipes listed alphabetically:
An index of items that can be crafted using Jeweller recipes
Jeweller Recipe Index
ApprenticeJourneymanExpertArtisanMasterSupremeWestfoldEastemnetWestemnetAnórienDoomfoldIronfoldMinas Ithil

Crafting Guild

Crafting Guilds are Reputation factions that grant advantages in recipe execution. Reputation is increased by bartering special crafted items. Membership in a Crafting Guild is exclusive - you may only be a member of one crafting guild at a time.

Jewellers of all levels are eligible to join the Jeweller's Guild, but the guild recipes require Expert tier and above. To join a crafting guild, one must first speak to a Master of Crafting Guilds, and they are always found in the vicinity of a guild hall and at many other locations. Then, travel to Craft-hall of Esteldín in the North Downs and speak with Guild Leader Aldúlf to continue the quest. The Jeweller's Guild-hall is found at the back of the craft hall.


Class Quests

Using Your Skills

Reputation Quests

The following quests give reputation for Thorin's Hall:


Novice Jewellers

Name Location Region
Madge Woodsey Three-farrow Crafting Hall Bree-land
Peony Burrows Buckland Bree-land
Ted Ragwort Combe Crafting Hall Bree-land
Nisti Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall Ered Luin
Nisti Crafting Hall (Thorin's Gate) Ered Luin
Gyrgir Gondamon Ered Luin
Haldan Celondim Ered Luin
Ida Mabbitt Oatbarton Evendim
Ida Mabbitt Ost Forod Evendim
Priscilla Quince Tinnudir (Keep) Evendim
Maud Mottershead Trestlebridge The North Downs
Berylla Goodchild Michel Delving's Craft-fair The Shire
Betony Hornblower Budgeford The Shire
Briffo Burrows Bywater The Shire
Hamo Brockhouse Brockenborings The Shire
Glavroliel The Forges of Rivendell The Trollshaws

Expert Jewellers

Named Expert Jeweller NPCs. There are numerous unnamed ones.

NPC Location Region
Daemirdan Craft-hall of Esteldín The North Downs
Berwyth Ost Guruth The Lone-lands
Gaddi Blue Stone Garrison - (Acq. w. Thorin's Hall) Ered Luin
Helf Twenty-first Hall Moria
Miradan Three-farrow Crafting Hall - (Bree) Bree-land
Mírdi The Vineyards of Lórien Lothlórien
Mírien Caras Galadhon Lothlórien
Nimpiel Ost Galadh Mirkwood